First digital hydropower plant in Switzerland

For Axpo, innovations are key in order to develop its business. In 2020, Kraftwerk Sarganserland was upgraded to become the first digital hydropower plant in Switzerland. Since the summer of 2020, troubleshooting, inspections and maintenance are primarily carried out digitally. With the know-how acquired from this pilot project, Axpo intends to transform and digitalise all its own hydropower plants. In addition, the company is a service provider to other hydropower plant operators to support them on the way to digitalisation.

Electric vehicles powered by electricity from the trolleybus

In its sustainability commitment against climate change, Axpo promotes e-mobility. In 2020, its subsidiary CKW installed a charging station for electric vehicles at a filling station in Kriens. The innovative features of this facility: The overhead trolleybus line supplies the quick charging station with CO2-free power from renewable energies. Within 10 minutes, customers can charge their vehicles with enough energy to cover a distance of 100 km. The charging station belongs to the Move network with 800 charging stations in Switzerland and 20,000 in Europe.

Grid 4.0 – the smart grid of the future

With its 2200-kilometre long high voltage grid, Axpo safely and reliably supplies all of Northeastern Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and parts of the cantons of Schwyz, Zug, Grisons and Valais with electricity. Axpo Grids is developing into a digital competence centre. For example, lines are monitored by means of drone inspection flights. This can include, for example, automatic image recognition of drone images or virtual switchgear inspections at the Axpo substations so that information can be accessed remotely: