Corona pandemic challenges mastered successfully

The COVID-19 pandemic has also posed great challenges for Axpo. The fact that the company has been able to successfully master these is primarily owing to the resilience and flexibility of employees. The quick, disciplined, pragmatic and creative reaction of all the areas has been impressive. Be it in dealing with home office, the newly designed customer interface, the extremely complex overhaul of nuclear power plants – our employees and our management find solutions for every problem with a can-do spirit and teamwork:

Teamwork and expertise distinguish our company

Over 5000 employees with 140 different job profiles work at Axpo in over 30 European countries, the USA and Asia. They are the real energy in our company: Committed people make us innovative and entrepreneurial, and the leading company in Switzerland's energy sector. They lay the foundation for our success with their expertise. They appreciate the flexible work conditions and find solutions for future energy supply with agile work processes in interdisciplinary teams.

Our acrobats in the sky

They perform a high-wire act at dizzying heights – for Axpo, for other companies and most of all for a reliable power grid in Switzerland. Linesmen work where only birds and drones can get to: High up on the power masts and high-voltage lines, and with a great deal of physical exertion, the Axpo linesmen repair damages and make their contribution to high security of supply. Our acrobats in the sky enjoy a very special view. But why not take a look for yourself: