10.01.2024 | From Poland to Madrid: A Comprehensive Exploration of Axpo's Trainee Programme

Kickstarting my career with Axpo’s Trainee programme

My Axpo journey started in October 2022 when I joined the company’s Risk Management Trainee Programme in Poland. This traineeship programme in Poland marks the first international pilot of the Axpo Traineeship (Generation 12). The pilot reflects Axpo's commitment to global talent development and its recognition of the diverse learning needs of trainees across different regions.

Michał Częstochowski 

Background: Warsaw School of Economics MIESI

Trainee Profile: Risk Management

Assignment(s): Credit Risk Poland, Market Risk Iberia, Business Development SME Poland

An immersive 18-month journey, the programme offers an ideal launchpad for those eager to forge a successful career in the dynamic energy industry. The programme, which consists of three distinct six-month rotations, seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, fostering both hard and soft skills while providing invaluable exposure to different facets of risk management.

First Rotation: Credit Risk in Poland

Based in Poland for my first rotation, we delved deep into risk management fundamentals and the intricacies of the energy market, focusing on credit risk assessment. Active participation in automating Variation Margin forecasts refined my analytical skills. In addition, I was given the unique opportunity to visit a nuclear plant during a business trip to Switzerland, which provided me with a first-hand understanding of energy production. This exposure not only enriched my technical knowledge but also broadened my perspective of the industry.

Second Rotation: Market Risk in Madrid

I had the unique experience to spend one of my assignments of the traineeship abroad. The Madrid rotation at Axpo Iberia honed my expertise in market risk, and I learnt how to navigate the complexities of the middle office during my time there. Monitoring Profit and Loss (PnL) on commodities and automating PnL reports provided me with hands-on experience in understanding market dynamics. Immersing myself in the Spanish work environment enhanced my cross-cultural communication skills, a valuable asset in the globalized energy landscape. This international exposure adds an extra dimension to the traineeship, broadening perspectives and preparing trainees for the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry on a global scale.


Michał Częstochowski
Third Rotation: Business Development in SME Segment in Warsaw

The trainee programme has culminated with me returning to Warsaw for my final rotation within the SME segment’s Business Development team. Having only recently joined the team, I’m still learning about the broad range of tasks within the Business Development division’s remit. Here, my first responsibilities include PnL monitoring for the Polish SME segment and helping to model customer usage profiles. This experience will provide me with a comprehensive view of risk management, integrating business development strategies and customer-focused initiatives. 

Working in diverse teams has helped me to hone collaborative and effective communication skills, essential attributes for navigating a dynamic industry. Operating within a large organisation has provided me with insights into organisational structures, decision-making processes, and the importance of adaptability.

A Launchpad for Comprehensive Growth

Axpo's Trainee Programme in Risk Management stands out as a comprehensive opportunity that not only equips participants with a profound understanding of risk management and the energy market but also nurtures a diverse skill set. The unique blend of theoretical knowledge, practical experiences across international offices, and exposure to industry sites positions trainees for success. This programme serves as a launchpad for individuals seeking not only technical expertise but also the soft skills and professional growth necessary for a thriving career in the ever-evolving energy sector.

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