Power Pulse

What is Power Pulse?

Power Pulse system developed by Axpo is designed to give you a global vision of the entire portfolio in only one place. 

No matter the power plant technology or renewable energy source, the intuitive design allows the user to perform an analysis from the global portfolio down to the single power source details in just a few clicks.

A powerful tool designed to support your technical analysis and help you to define operational strategies.


Data can be received from any device by many different technologies (SCADA, DB, web servers, ftp files…) and stored safety in the cloud based on the most advanced big data technologies, which guarantee the performance of the application, its future growth and a fluid and reliable operation.

The information is organized and normalized depending on the technology allowing the customer to have a complete vision of the global portfolio in one view regardless of the technology used on the turbine. Multiple turbine models from the most usual manufacturers are ready to be included.

An intuitive menu allows the user to access everything from the global portfolio to the final details of every single turbine in a few clicks.

The latest information is updated in real time to show the current status of the turbines and report on any event that could be taking place.

The events and the status of the turbines are stored as well as allowing the user to perform statistical analysis of the failures and their impact on the global portfolio or a single turbine.

The historical data can be analyzed through many different graphs and KPIs, and user can easily perform comparisons between turbines and detect any deviation in the performance of the assets or help with the diagnosis of any failure.

Market information is incorporated into the system allowing the user to easily evaluate the fulfilment of the budget, imbalance and deviations, as well as the performance of the portfolio or the economic impact of different events.

A geographical map which includes real-time wind conditions and their expected forecast is integrated within the application showing the position of the turbines.

Notifications when the turbines stop working or are under performance, can be setup to be up to date on the state of the assets. A daily, weekly and monthly reports can be enabled to receive a summary.

The platform is based on responsive web design, which allows access to the information through desktops, tablets or mobiles in an optimized way.

Our Roadmap

We are working on including new modules to increase the features and the scope:

• Multiple technologies integration (Solar, Hydro, Hydrogen, Batteries and energy storage systems, Biogas…)

• Predictive Analysis Module

Power Pulse Brochure

Control the performance of all your renewable assets at a glance with a specialist APP from the details to the big picture.

Get a demo

Contact us to get a demo user and test Power Pulse on powepulse.support@axpo.com