15.05.2019 | There's lots of energy in banana skins


Axpo was at the Berne Grand Prix on 11 May. Our mission? See for yourself:

About one third of all waste in Switzerland is organic. Processing organic waste makes it possible to utilise the substances and energy contained in the material. Thanks to green waste collection, waste management becomes resource management. Recycling in the form of fermentation has been a proven process for about 20 years. It is an ecologically and economically sound solution for handling garden, household and food waste. Axpo is the leader in organic waste recycling in Switzerland.

Collecting and recycling organic waste is worthwhile. So, put it where it belongs – in the green waste container!

Runners: Nearly 30,000 runners participated in the Berne Grand Prix last Saturday. Bananas were handed out to all the runners at the end of the race.

Green waste container: Axpo collected the skins and deposited them in green waste containers for processing at the nearest Kompogas composting plant in Utzenstorf.

Bananas: And: Every tonne of organic waste that Axpo recycles reduces CO2 emissions by about 200 kilograms. Collecting and recycling organic waste improves the overall environmental footprint.

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