Energy Supply: Bespoke and transparent

We tailor every contract to take into account the impact on every business and every customer.

Your benefits

  • Renewable energy: we source renewable energy from a wide range of wind, solar, biomass and other energy projects across the UK and Continental Europe
  • Full market access: we provide our customers with the ability to fix and unfix prices (from gate closure all the way to 10-years ahead)
  • Non-standard risk management: we offer our customers non-standard risk management instruments such as price shapes, caps & floors, and other flexibility monetisation solutions

Deemed Supply Terms and Rates

Where a business energy customer’s contract expires or we are otherwise supplying premises out of contract, the below Deemed Terms and Deemed Rates will apply unless and until a new contract is put in place, or they switch to a new supplier. The deemed rates may be more expensive than rates available under contract and so we would always recommend moving off this rate as quickly as possible.

Due to the current unprecedented wholesale market conditions, we will be regularly reviewing our deemed rates for both gas and electricity.  We will always try to provide as much notice as possible before publishing new rates, but we strongly advise all customers on deemed rates to monitor this page regularly to ensure they are aware of the latest rates. Based on current market conditions, we expect to have to continue increasing these rates and they may move substantially higher than where they are currently set.

Codes of Practice

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We offer bankable and flexible Power Purchase Agreements.

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Gas producers

We have been working with North Sea producers in the UK Continental Shelf for 10 years.

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