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Energy is the pulse of our daily life, and the way we create and use it is rapidly changing. While it is yet unclear what the future of energy will look like, we all know that the journey to a new energy future has long begun. We at Axpo aim for a world where energy is sustainable and abundant, and we have set ambitious targets in line with this vision.

Axpo invests across the range of renewables, ranging from PV and wind to hydrogen, batteries and biomass. Partnering & Investing looks for startups that can boost Axpo's activities in these areas, and that welcome the opportunity to work symbiotically with one of our divisions.

We are looking for partners to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges

Curren areas of interest:

  • Digital Technologies to improve our business and create new business opportunities (AI, machine learning, robotics, drones, blockchain, IoT, and more)
  • Solutions that make Axpo more sustainable
  • New & Emerging Energy Technologies

Every technology should serve a problem or need. We want to understand how your technology or solution can solve a problem or cover a need.

Strategic Partnerships & Investments

Innovation is ingrained in Axpo's DNA, driving our constant pursuit of innovation. We foster an environment that encourages our employees to explore uncharted territories, conduct rapid experiments, and collaborate with the right partners to validate innovative projects. 

Using digital and energy technologies strategically, we enhance the efficiency of our existing business areas while also cultivating new and profitable ventures in sustainable energy. Through the integration of these approaches, we generate novel value for both ourselves and society.

As a long-term strategic partner and investor, Axpo supports the growth of startups at various stages of development. We provide not only capital but also expertise and opportunities to address real-world challenges across Axpo's divisions.

Discover Axpo's business areas as you explore the possibilities of joining forces with us.

Collaborating with partners in Europe like universities, startups, and fast-moving companies, we drive the digital and sustainable energy future. Axpo is particularly interested in startups at Series A and beyond, offering our partnership and potential minority investment opportunities.

Our Team

Axpo's Partnering & Investing team consists of a small group of dedicated startup and investment professionals. 

Partnering & Venturing

Andreas Schlenker

Head Partnering & Investing

Mario Jankovic

Analyst Partnering & Investing

Georg Schumacher

Senior Venture Manager


Damir Kusar

Head Group Innovation

Gilles Amberg

Senior Innovation Consultant

Andrin Lutz

Senior Innovation Consultant

Valentina Maria Rieger

Junior Innovation Consultant

Thomas Simmonds

Intern Group Innovation


Our sweet spot is digital, scalable and asset-light companies seeking Series A+ funding that have shown evidence of a product-market-fit.

We are flexible with regards to the amount of our investments. For an average series A investment, we look at an amount between CHF 1-4 million. For later stages, the investment amount depends on the specific case.

No. While we are headquartered in Switzerland, we operate across Europe and therefore look for ventures in the European market.

It depends on the stage of the company, but we typically aim for a 10-20% participation.

With every investment we undertake, we reserve a certain amount of capital to ensure we can participate in future financing rounds.

In general, we target a board seat to be able to support companies to make the best strategic decisions.

We prefer to be a follower, and it would be a plus if the round is lead by a reputable lead investor.

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Join our energy ecosystem in this rapidly changing world to accelerate the energy transformation.

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