100% Green Energy

100% Energy from renewable resources, 100% committed to the environment

The Green Option

By choosing the Green Option, you are choosing energy which comes only from renewable resources. It's an easy choice that is also a commitment to the environment. You can choose this option with any type of energy supply contract with Axpo and we can guarantee that the energy you receive will be 100% from renewable resources: wind farms, hydroelectric, solar and biomass plants. 

The Green Option is characterized by the trademark "Energy from Renewable resources", which guarantees that the energy supplied is generated from renewable sources. We will make sure the supply and cancellation of the Guarantees of Origin have been issued for the respective unit of energy consumed by the client, in accordance with the regulations of the resolution ARG/elt 104/11 while ensuring coherence of the supply contract, which is regulated by the Authority for electricity and gas. 

The Green option: 100% committed to the environment

If you seek to respect the environment through everyday gestures, don’t forget where your energy comes from! With the Green option, your commitment to the environment is truly 100%!



Are you a company? Choose renewables and let your clients know!

By choosing the Green option, the trademark (used for communication purposes), shows how committed you are to the environment. You can receive the Green option kit for free. It includes decals and stickers that can be used anywhere in your offices.

Green Option Trademark: kit and guidelines

We have developed a trademark when choosing a renewable energy supply that you can use in your communication with clients, in advertising and on the packaging of your products. To help you let your clients know about your green choice, we have prepared a kit which contains decals and stickers that can be used anywhere in your offices. You can request to receive your free kit by going to your personal area, MyAxpo.

Login to your personal area with your credentials, go to “Documents” and download the file from the “Download” section. Remember that the trademark is to be used properly, as per the guidelines.

Get your Green Option kit

  • Go to myaxpo.it
  • Login to your personal area with your credentials
  • Go to "Assistance"
  • Go the section “Request Materials”
  • Click on the link “Get your Green Option Kit” then, enter the address of where you would like the materials to be delivered (decals and stickers).