09.09.2021 | When an entire team is working part-time

"No place for silo thinking"

In Rolf Baumgartner’s team, everyone but the Head of Legal Assets himself works part-time. This flexibility has a very positive impact on the level of engagement. To reach ambitious objectives, flexibility on both sides, mutual trust and transparent communication are indispensable. 

Axpo supports part-time work, including for managers, as well as flexible work models such as mobile work and working from home, insofar as this is permitted under legal restrictions. It is also possible to purchase additional holidays and to take unpaid holidays. We foster a working experience based on flexible and independent work and thereby also support the social and collective diversity of our workforce.

Greater flexibility boosts engagement and motivation 

Although many Axpo employees are already employed on a part-time basis, it is rather unusual for a whole team to be working part-time. Rolf Baumgartner, Head of Legal Assets, manages six Legal Counsels who work on different days of the week. Cumbersome and complicated, one might think – engaged and motivated, counters Rolf. 

“The flexibility that we enjoy within the team has a very positive impact on everyone’s level of motivation and engagement.”

Each Legal Counsel handles their assigned cases independently and manages their time in coordination with internal customers. Rolf strongly believes that the ability to take on exciting and important roles and tasks at Axpo on a part-time basis makes the company highly attractive as an employer. 

“We also find that in our recruiting. Both in Switzerland and internationally, we are able to attract talented corporate lawyers to join us in the Axpo Legal department.”

The reasons that Axpo staff opt for part-time arrangements are as diverse as Axpo itself. At Axpo Legal, the opportunity to enjoy a better work-life balance and childcare issues are the main drivers of the desire for part-time work arrangements. 

Mutual trust and high flexibility 

Striking the right balance between home life and one’s career is not always easy. Due to the urgency of the tasks, the need occasionally arises to respond even outside of the defined working hours. In such cases, staff availability has to be organised flexibly and the workload can occasionally exceed the agreed hours for a certain period of time. But with a bit of foresight in planning, including on the part of internal customers, this can usually be kept to a minimum.

“Flexibility on all sides when it comes to planning working hours is essential to the success of the model. Open and transparent communication within the team and with our customers is the key factor. Everyone has to give it their all, and silo thinking is out of the question.”

Although the issue of part-time work tends to revolve around the working hours, Rolf’s focus is ultimately on getting the work done and ensuring the satisfaction of internal customers. We strongly believe that by having a working environment here at Axpo that enables the best possible harmonisation of work and private life, we can promote the dedication, motivation and indeed the well-being of our employees. 

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