We promote the debate on energy issues and spread knowledge.

"Emma and the mystery of the crystal basin" by Paolo Ghelfi

Innovation and digitization within the project Smart EMMA: a story dedicated to Fab Labs and Makers

What’s s behind the cryptic message left by an anonymous hacker at the Fab Lab in Lucca? Who are the mysterious men, hiding in the crowd, following every move Emma and her friends make? Why are they lost in the underground tunnels in Genoa? What does the legend of the Holy Grail have to do with the 3D printer laboratory?  

“Marta is not a goner yet!” by Michele Governatori

What reason did the Siberian aristocrat Rutin have to target Matt, a harmless professor at the Etruscan University? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Marta, his daughter, helped her boyfriend Igor to build a catalyzer that can produce energy? Were the stratospheric kites, the electrostatic wind farms, and the super-concentrated solar energy not enough?  

"Axpo’s plants in Italy – Wind Power production"

What are the challenges facing renewable energy sources in our country? 

Axpo, while documenting the beautiful landscape of the wind farm in Bisaccia through photographs by Davide Arena, explores all aspects involving the development of renewables and the potential for growth. This energy source is leading Italy down a path to a cleaner energy future. 

"The two faces of the electricity market" by G. B. Zorzoli

History, technology and the liberalization of the electricity sector in Italy

A detailed analysis of the liberalization of the electricity market process and new programming elements, introduced to ensure a safe supply while tackling climate change, has transformed the electricity market into being a Janus-faced industry. 

Axpo aims to contribute to the debate on energy and participates actively in seminars as well as through publications in order to widely spread knowledge and information. Axpo thus promotes the production of editorial content and its distribution.