11.05.2023 | Axpo and start-up accelerator Bluelion agree on partnership

The Power of Sustainable Innovation: Together towards NET-Zero

Axpo and Bluelion join forces for a greener future. Axpo is now part of the more extensive ecosystem with companies like Swisscom, ZKB, Axa, and the City of Zurich to jointly drive Net-Zero solutions. Axpo and Bluelion have ambitious plans to continue driving innovation and sustainability. 

As a leading energy company committed to sustainability, Axpo is proud to partner with Bluelion, a dynamic Startup accelerator, and other partners to drive innovation toward Net-Zero. This partnership brings together Axpo's expertise in the energy sector, the knowledge and power of other member companies and Startups, the passion for innovation, and Bluelion's entrepreneurial spirit, creating a powerful synergy that benefits our organizations and society.

Encourage open innovation

One of the critical ways Axpo profits from its partnership is through open innovation. Bluelion provides a platform to scout, mentor, and invest in Startups that align with our purpose and sustainability goals, allowing us to tap into the ecosystem and drive impactful change. By collaborating with other companies and Startups, we gain access to fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative business models that can help us accelerate our transition to a Net-Zero future.

But the benefits are not limited to Axpo alone. Startups partnering with Axpo also gain access to our industry expertise, resources, and networks to gain traction and grow their businesses. This enables Startups and Axpo to refine products, services, and business strategies and scale innovations faster. 

By fostering innovation in the energy sector, we contribute to developing sustainable solutions that can address the urgent challenges of climate change and reduce carbon emissions. This partnership drives the creation of new jobs, promotes economic growth, and supports the transition to a greener and more sustainable future for future generations.

Ambitious plans

Axpo and Bluelion have ambitious plans to continue driving innovation and sustainability. We will leverage the entrepreneurial spirit of Startups to accelerate our transition to Net-Zero. We will continue to engage in open innovation with Startups, universities, and other partners to co-create and implement innovative solutions. We will mentor, support, and enable our intrapreneurs and organizations to benefit from this partnership. 

Through this partnership, we aim to lead the energy transition, shape the future of sustainable energy, and contribute to a greener and more prosperous world.

In conclusion, this collaboration is a powerful example of how partnerships between established companies and Startups can drive sustainability, foster innovation, and create mutual benefits. We are committed to positively impacting society, accelerating the transition to a Net-Zero future, and shaping a more sustainable world. 

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