Beznau nuclear power plant: Fuel element replacement in Unit 2 completed

18.8.2020 - Unit 2 of the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) went back on grid yesterday evening. During the work performed over a two-week period, one sixth of the fuel elements were replaced on an alternating basis. With the completion of reactor core reloading, the plant is now ready for the next operating period.

Unit 2 of the Beznau nuclear power plant was taken off grid on 4 August 2020 for scheduled refuelling. Over the last two weeks, 20 of the 121 fuel elements were replaced and installed in the reactor. In addition, recurring inspection work, integral system tests and scheduled work on individual plant components were carried out. 

Following the approval of the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI, Unit 2 began gradually taking up full power operation. The plant will be back to full load in about two days.

At times, steam will be visible above the powerhouse during restart. This does not pose any danger to human beings or the environment.


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