Trainee Blog: Fabienne Voser

Get to know our trainees: Fabienne Voser

“The traineeship enables me to build a broad cross-division network within Axpo”

Fabienne Voser completed her master’s degree in Accounting & Corporate Finance at HSG. After graduating, she wanted to get into the practical side of things. She joined Axpo in October 2021, as a Finance Trainee in Finance Projects. In her second rotation she worked in the Hydrogen Team, in the area of Market intelligence. Fabienne is currently working in Controlling Generation & Distribution. 


Fabienne Voser

Function: Trainee Finance

Background: MA in Accounting and Finance, HSG St. Gallen  

Assignments: Finance Projects, Hydrogen, Controlling G&D, tbd

Why did you start your traineeship at Axpo?

After completing my studies, which were mostly theoretical in nature, I wanted to get into the practical side of things. The traineeship offers me a unique opportunity to work in four different finance departments, giving me a chance to apply my learning and to find out where my competencies lie and where I might have a long-term future. Furthermore, Axpo enables me to make a positive contribution to sustainability.


What are the benefits of a traineeship from your perspective?

From my point of view, a major advantage is the option to design the traineeship according to your own individual interests. Also, the various rotations and the trainee community enable you to build a broad cross-divisional network within Axpo, which is helpful on a daily basis.


Can you tell us more about the different rotations and projects during your traineeship?

In my first rotation in the Finance Projects team, I had two projects. In the first, I participated in planning and organizing workshops for the harmonization of the ERP landscape project. In the second, I planned, shot, and edited a testimonial video for the LeanTeam. These tasks allowed me to make contacts in different business areas. In my second rotation I worked in the Hydrogen Team, in the area of Market Intelligence. There I compiled information on industrial hydrogen users and business models for public transportation and used this information in workshops with the rest of the team. I was able to learn a lot about Axpo's business and the energy market. In my current rotation, I am implementing several small projects in Controlling Generation & Distribution, such as facilitating intercompany reconciliation.  


What is a typical day at work as a trainee at Axpo (highlights of your working day)?

The good thing is that there is no typical working day, due to the different rotations and projects. In addition to working independently on my projects, I especially enjoy exchanging ideas and results with colleagues and getting their input and tips.

What was something you didn’t know before you started working at Axpo?

Before my traineeship, I had little experience of the energy industry, which means I learn something new every day. I was particularly impressed by how complex the interplay between electricity production and consumption is. I was not aware that electricity is usually sold several years in advance via energy trading, which requires, among other things, precise production planning and forecasting. I am also positively surprised at how many digitalization projects are underway at power plants and grids.


What can you apply in your daily work, that you learned at university?

Many of the skills that I learned in seminars and group work, such as a structured and analytical approach to tasks and presentation skills, are helpful in my everyday work.


What do you recommend to graduates for their career start?

Take enough time to find out what is important to you in your professional life and consider which company and which position meets your requirements. Pursue your goal, but at the same time stay curious and be brave by getting out of your comfort zone.



Did Fabienne’s experience with her traineeship at Axpo spark your curiosity? You can find more information about it here. We look forward to hopefully meeting you during the recruitment process!

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