Axpo launches its first Negotiable European Commercial Paper programme of EUR 500 million

Axpo has further strengthened and diversified its financing sources by launching the company’s first Negotiable European Commercial Paper (NEU CP) programme, amounting to EUR 500 million, through its subsidiary Axpo International SA.

The NEU CP market is an important and transparent European capital market for international corporations to issue short-term debt securities. The Banque de France ensures that the issuers of negotiable debt securities comply with formal requirements laid down by legislation.

Axpo International SA acts as the issuer in the NEU CP programme, which is guaranteed by Axpo Holding AG and has been assigned a short-term debt rating of S-1 by Scope Ratings GmbH. The proceeds of the programme will be used to finance its ongoing business.

Commenting on the successful launch of the programme, Axpo Group CFO Joris Gröflin said: “The NEU CP market provides us with further access to foreign debt investors and helps optimise our short-term funding capabilities. This complements our existing funding mix and further diversifies and strengthens our financing sources.” 

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