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Axpo Turkey’s Istanbul office has been active since 2006 and is part of Axpo Group, Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of renewable energy solutions.

With a customer portfolio of 16,600 MW in renewable energy across Europe, we help optimise the entire energy value chain by leveraging the Group’s Europe-wide expertise, resources and infrastructure. We combine experience and expertise with a passion for innovation to develop innovative energy solutions for our customers, collaborating with producers, investors and resellers to offer bespoke services to help manage energy-related risk, with a particular focus on green energy solutions.  

As one of over 30 locations in which Axpo Group has a local presence, Turkey is a large, competitive and high growth market which offers opportunities and challenges in power and renewables, as well as in its newly deregulated gas markets. Our goal is to leverage Axpo Group’s market expertise, global coverage and access to European trading platforms to stand out from the crowd in offering a wide array of client driven, tailor-made solutions that exactly fit individual customer needs. We also aim to foster partnerships with other local traders, producers and counterparties in the Turkish wholesale market to improve liquidity and to expand Axpo Turkey’s product portfolio.

İsmail Çıldır (General Manager and Managing Director) and his team of experts are ready to serve your energy needs. 

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