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Axpo Germany
Axpo Germany

Axpo in Germany

The Swiss company Axpo is active in the German energy market since 2003 and belongs to the Axpo Holding AG.

Fixed prices for electricity and natural gas?

Fixed prices for electricity and natural gas

With Axpo even until 2030!
Price indexations are possible as well. 

Supply with natural gas

Supply of natural gas Axpo

Axpo has its own extensive portfolio of natural gas for physical full supply of your customers as well as for your own requirements.

Marketing of energy reserves

Marketing of energy reserves Axpo

We offer you an additional profit factor at the markets for minute reserves as well as secondary reserves.

ERC Rankings 2016

For the second time in a row, market players and customers voted Axpo as the number 1 in the category “Overall Dealers Power” and hence as the best power trader worldwide.

Supply with electricity

Full supply of electricity Axpo

Within the physical full supply you will receive all the energy quantities that are needed during the delivery period.



Axpo offers structured products, portfolio management, marketing of energy, CO2 and green certificates and more.

Battery storage units

Full supply of electricity Axpo

Axpos scope of activities also covers the production, distribution and delivery of battery storage systems.


Handelsblatt annual conference 'Energy Industry' 2017 from 24. to 26.01.2017

10.01.2017 -
Axpo is present at the Handelsblatt annual conference 'Energy Industry' 2017 in Berlin/Germany with its own booth.
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Office Leipzig

Axpo Deutschland GmbH
Messehaus am Markt - Markt 16
DE-04109 Leipzig
Phone.: +49 (0) 341 261 79 0

Office Düsseldorf

Axop Deutschland GmbH
Zollhof 10
DE-40221 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0) 211 416 146 0

Axpo Germany