Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Make the future inclusive

At Axpo Group, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of non-discrimination, tolerance, and inclusion. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is an important part of our culture; we embrace diversity and strive to create conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to thrive and perform.

DE&I at Axpo

DE&I at Axpo means clear and explicit commitment by the company and our employees to tolerance, inclusion, equal opportunities, freedom of choice and freedom of speech within the confines of the law and the company policies and values. This means creating an environment where every person regardless of race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic, cultural and religious background feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best. 

At Axpo Group, we don’t want Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to be buzzwords; we continuously invest and work for DE&I to be fundamental principles that align with our values and guide us towards our purpose to enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions.

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Axpo’s Code of Conduct sets out the core values of the company and its commitment to diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. Gender equality is central to Axpo. To this end, it implements appropriate measures in the areas of recruitment, communication, talent management and succession planning. Our goal is to reach a representation of 30% woman across all hierarchy levels by 2030.

Axpo is convinced that greater diversity is ultimately achieved through inclusion. Accordingly, value is placed on an inclusive culture that is beneficial for employee retention, their commitment and productivity. The further development of the corporate culture is therefore also a key component of strategy implementation. Specific values were developed in 2022. They are intended, among other things, to specifically support diversity and inclusion in the company. Based on these values, a training concept has been developed that will be mandatory for all managers at Axpo from 2024.

Benefits & ERGs


Location independent work and flexible working hours make up 50% of your workload.


Financial support of childcare costs, countryspecific paid parental leave, flexible work hours allow parents to attend important appointments of their children 

Work-life balance

Yearly working hours which allow allocating your time based on your needs, possibility to request unpaid leave.

Individual work arrangements

Part-time work, jobsharing, change of workload or partial retirement.

At Axpo, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is through our support for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

We believe that supporting ERGs is essential for several reasons:

ERGs offer a platform for employees to share their experiences, seek mentorship, and find support among colleagues who understand their unique challenges and perspectives.

By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, ERGs foster collaboration and innovation, driving our collective success.

ERGs provide opportunities for leadership development, networking, and skill-building, helping members grow both personally and professionally. 

Supporting ERGs helps create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees, which in turn boosts morale, engagement, and retention.


Partnerships & Awards

Axpo works with different partnerships, such as Advance - Gender Equality, the femella networking association, Woman in Power (CKW only), Plusport (umbrella organisation for Swiss disabled sports and promotes integration and inclusion through sport), as well as the HSG's D&I Week. 


We are proud that these awards demonstrate our attractiveness as an employer. These certifications reflect our ongoing commitment to an inspiring work culture and the consistent promotion of talented professionals. 


Universum Switzerland

Axpo is one of the most attractive employers in the energy sector for students at Swiss universities.

Great Place To Work

Axpo is certified as an employer whose culture is based on trust, practised values and leadership quality.

Best Recruiters

In the BEST RECRUITERS study 2023/24, Axpo was ranked 1st in the energy sector and 10th overall among the top 448 employers in Switzerland (including Liechtenstein).

Fair On Pay

Axpo and CKW both carry the Fair ON Pay label from Comp ON. This independent quality inspection has confirmed that equal pay is being adhered to at Axpo.

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