Wind Power Expanding across Europe

Axpo develops, builds, and operates onshore wind farms across Europe. We work across the entire wind energy value chain, from the development, construction and management of plants to the marketing of electricity they produce. 



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Axpo benefits from the extensive experience of its subsidiary Volkswind Group, which has been part of Axpo since 2015. Our experienced team’s track record includes the development and construction of more than 90 wind farms in Germany and France. We have developed over 1,500 MW to date.

Axpo also has a 24.1 per cent interest in the Global Tech I offshore wind farm. One of the first to be built in the German North Sea, the development is known as a ‘far offshore wind farm’ due to its remote location 140 kilometres north of the port of Emden, where its logistics are based.

In Switzerland, we estimate the potential of wind energy to be high. Axpo builds and runs  wind projects and aims to invest in and build more plants. 

Wind projects across Europe


Axpo gives investment green light for Vörå wind farm

Swiss energy supplier Axpo has made the final investment decision to commence construction of the Lålax wind farm in Finland’s Vörå municipality. An important milestone in the expansion of wind energy in Finland, the project underlines Axpo's commitment to the region.

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Axpo boosts wind power activities in Switzerland and joins Suisse Eole

Axpo is expanding its activities in the area of wind power, with a focused commitment on the development, construction and operation of wind turbines in Switzerland. There is enormous potential in wind energy, particularly as it supplies essential winter electricity in the cold, dark months of the year. At the National Wind Energy Conference, Axpo also joined industry association Suisse Eole.

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Axpo Group strengthens its wind and solar business

Expanding renewable energies domestically and abroad is an important pillar of the Axpo strategy. After ten years of development, Axpo is integrating the wind and solar business into two in-house divisions to support the ambition of continuing to make a substantial contribution to the expansion of climate-friendly power production. Katja Stommel, CEO of the Axpo subsidiary Volkswind, will become the Head of the new Wind division. Antoine Millioud will take over as the Head of the Solar division. He has also been appointed the CEO of Axpo's subsidiary Urbasolar.

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We provide expertise along the entire wind power value chain

An overview of wind power

Rated output is the full capacity of a wind turbine generator, measured in megawatts (MW). Wind turbines can reach their rated output value at various wind speeds.

Onshore wind turbines are located on land and generate wind energy from mainland wind.

Offshore wind turbines benefit from high wind speeds at sea and are located off coastal areas. Axpo holds interests in 80 turbines in the North Sea with a total capacity of 400 MW.

Wind turbines transform the power of wind into electrical energy and feed it into the power grid.  A wind power plant comprises the following elements: 

  • Rotor blades: these convert the kinetic energy of air particles into rotation energy. Most wind energy rotors have three blades.
  • Rotor: this relays the rotation energy to a generator which transforms it into electricity.
  • Nacelle: housing the hub, brake gear and generator.
  • Tower: supporting the nacelle and rotor blades, this must be able to withstand the enormous static load coming from the wind.
  • Foundation: the tower is erected on a foundation. To ensure the stability of a wind energy plant, different constructions are sometimes required depending on conditions underground.

The wind farm is an arrangement of three or more wind turbines at one location.

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Axpo is the leading Swiss hydropower producer, with about 60 plants spread throughout Switzerland.

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