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Development Opportunities Sharing knowledge

Together, we have a large and valuable wealth of knowledge and experience. Sharing knowledge and learning from and with each other is therefore very important at Axpo. We grow with new challenges, inspire each other, experiment and promote innovative ideas. In addition to gaining new experience in complex, challenging projects, Axpo supports all employees in their personal development with a wide range of internal learning and development formats as well as generous support for external training and development programmes and promotes the formal and informal exchange of knowledge, experience and feedback.


"Learning - whether as part of training, coaching, projects or simply in the course of our work - is part of our everyday working life. At Axpo, we provide a variety of learning formats that help our employees build the skills they need today and in the future."

Simone Ontyd, Head HR Trading & Sales / Learning & Development

"An investment in knowledge and expertise is an investment in the future. That's why we encourage and support all employees to continuously develop their skills - because they are helping to shape the future of Axpo and thus making a valuable contribution to the future of a sustainable energy supply."

Susanne Mehr, Team Lead Learning & Development

In addition to providing learning opportunities, living a culture of shared learning is essential. We asked employees how they learn on a day-to-day basis at Axpo and how they utilise the exchange of experience and knowledge for themselves and enable continuous learning.


"I see changes as opportunities for daily learning and professional development. Personally, I avoid routines and stimulate myself to grow by searching for opportunities to create added value in my environment. In my opinion, intrinsic motivation is the ultimate foundation for learning. This is why I encourage my employees to pitch their ideas and to pursuit their preferred challenges."

Vlatka Komaric, Head Quantitative Risk Management

"At Axpo, I have immersed myself in a new world of energy. I am grateful for the helpful colleagues who shared their expertise with me. I still learn from them every day, as Axpo employees are happy to share their expertise. Personally, I also encourage my team to keep learning internally and externally and to share their knowledge with employees across the Axpo Group. Sharing knowledge across organisations is key for us and this is how we stay up to date together."

Martine Graziano, Head Culture & Leadership

"I think the best way is to take on new challenges with curiosity. This curiosity motivates me to keep trying out and learning new things. I want to understand the connections and am constantly asking myself whether and how things can be done better. Axpo supports this thirst for knowledge in many ways. I have benefited a lot from the mentoring programme, the 360° feedback and targeted training courses. I can constantly develop myself further and this has also had a positive influence on my career at Axpo."

Roland Mörker, Senior Controller Group IT



From your very first day, we will take you on an exciting learning journey and support you in your personal development. During your first weeks and months, you will learn a lot - about Axpo, the business and our strategy, our values, structures and processes and, of course, getting to know your new colleagues is also part of the learning process. You will learn a lot on the job and through dialogue with your colleagues and superiors. There are also various learning opportunities to support you during your onboarding. These include, for example, a varied and interactive Welcome Day, during which you can visit one of our plants, among other things. In the Axpo Colleges, you can expand your knowledge of the energy industry and learn how electricity is produced, traded and distributed - from the power plant to the socket. But this is just the beginning of your learning journey, which will continue after onboarding.

Internal courses on offer

Axpo offers a wide range of internal courses that are available to all employees. The programme consists of various learning formats, both online and on-site, and covers a wide range of topics. These courses enable you, for example, to expand your industry knowledge or IT skills, strengthen your leadership skills individually and with group learning journeys, learn languages and much more. This offering is constantly updated, taking into account the wishes and needs of employees as well as trends and new challenges. Once a month, internal and external experts give you insights into exciting topics at our Lunch & Learn events.

Digital learning library

Masterplan is our "Netflix of learning". The digital learning library includes hundreds of online courses on a wide range of topics. All Axpo employees have access to cinematic Masterplan originals and exclusive Ted Talks - in German and English with subtitles in 10 languages. Available to you anytime and anywhere. This gives you access to high-quality learning content anytime and anywhere, in addition to the scheduled and location-based course offerings. 

Learning languages

We operate in an increasingly international working environment and work in project teams in which not everyone speaks the same language. We therefore offer all employees the opportunity to improve their language skills. To do this, we use the Rosetta Stone online platform and mobile app, which includes learning opportunities for 24 languages. In addition to various practice methods, Rosetta Stone also offers lessons with professional language trainers. You can learn at your own pace, when, where and how you want.


We promote the further development of our employees through a wide range of internal learning programmes. All internal learning formats, including all the programmes presented above, are free of charge for employees and the time spent on them is regarded as working time. Axpo has generous training and development regulations for external training and development programmes that can be applied flexibly to individual needs. This allows the costs of external training and further education, including advanced degrees or professional certificates, to be covered in part or in full, and individual agreements can be made regarding the crediting of working time.

There is no typical standard career path at Axpo, because we don't have typical standard employees. It is important to us that you find the right path for you with us and we want to support you as best we can. Instead of a linear, predefined career path, at Axpo you will find room to experiment and learn as well as opportunities to take on responsibility and show initiative.

We understand that international work experience is an enriching development opportunity and therefore offer our trainees and other employees with great potential assignments abroad where possible. The details of an international assignment depend on your role at Axpo, your wishes and your individual development plan and will be discussed and finalised together with your line manager.

We encourage all employees to continuously develop themselves further. In addition, we accompany and support employees with particularly high potential in their individual development as part of our talent management programme. Furthermore, collaboration in complex, cross-team and cross-divisional projects offers the opportunity to learn from and with each other and to gain new experiences. As we also advertise all vacancies internally, there are always new opportunities to take the next step in your career at Axpo.

We know that the best solutions come from combining different perspectives. That is why we specifically promote dialogue in networks and communities in which, for example, managers, young talents and experts can network and learn from each other. Peer coaching and mentoring are also supported as learning and development formats. Employees at Axpo can also get to know each other and exchange ideas outside of work.

Axpo’s people enjoy part-time arrangements, flexible working hours, opportunities for remote working and help with childcare costs.