Approach Goal-oriented and forward-looking

Sustainability is the compass of our corporate management in order to enable long-term success and value creation. It has a long tradition at Axpo and will also determine our future path. Axpo's approach to sustainability is based on four cornerstones.

Planet – Climate & Environment

Axpo is making an important contribution to the energy transition. The company is focusing on the expansion of PV, wind, hydrogen and biomass plants. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) enable the construction of plants for sustainable energy generation. With its net-zero ambition, Axpo supports the climate targets in Switzerland and Europe.

Energy transition

Axpo is constantly expanding its renewable energy capacities. Axpo is also proactively investing in the development of climate-friendly electricity production, increasing efficiency and investing in new technologies.


By producing and marketing low-CO2 energy, Axpo is actively contributing to the decarbonization of the energy system. Axpo also helps its customers to become more climate-friendly thanks to customized energy solutions. Axpo is also committed to a net-zero ambition: by 2040, we are aiming for net zero for all emissions that arise under our direct influence. And by 2050, we want to decarbonize our entire business activities, including the value chain.

People – Colleagues & Society

Axpo assumes its social responsibility out of conviction. The company invests in its employees and promotes diversity and well-being among them. They should be able to develop personally and professionally in order to realize their full potential.

Diversity and Inclusion

In order to remain both innovative and attractive as an employer, different experiences, skills and CVs are needed. Axpo therefore specifically promotes diversity within the company and strives to ensure that all employees feel that they belong to the company.

Staff development

Employees play a key role in Axpo's long-term success. Axpo therefore endeavors to provide attractive development opportunities and working conditions that are tailored to their needs.

Principles – Ethics & responsibility

Axpo is aware of its corporate responsibility and conducts its business in a principled manner. Business relationships are based on integrity and trust. Axpo therefore promotes and demands a strong compliance culture. Axpo is also determined to work with partners who share its ethical principles.

Responsible supply chains

Axpo requires ethical and law-abiding business conduct from its suppliers and business partners. In addition, Axpo implements the increasing regulatory due diligence obligations in connection with its own supply chain.

Ethical business conduct

Axpo has a responsibility to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and to meet the high expectations of stakeholders with regard to the company's conduct. The focus is on acting with integrity, responsibility and transparency as well as respectful interaction within the company and with business partners.

Progress – Growth & Innovation

Axpo secures future-oriented growth opportunities with sustainability-linked financing options. Axpo sees itself as a driver of the energy transition. Accordingly, Axpo is investing in the technologies of tomorrow, such as storage options for electricity or green hydrogen.

Sustainable financing

Axpo underlines its commitment to sustainability through sustainability-oriented financing. Among other things, the company issues various sustainability-linked bonds on the capital market. Axpo is thus committed to the continuous expansion of renewable energies.

Green growth

Green solutions are needed to successfully master the energy transition. On the one hand, Axpo actively supports future technologies in the energy sector and thus new, promising approaches. On the other hand, Axpo invests in selected green growth areas and drives these forward in a targeted manner.