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Axpo is active in the mid and downstream business of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG). We provide the expertise needed to transport, store and trade natural gas and LNG both in and outside Switzerland.


LNG cargos

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delivered each year by Axpo across Switzerland

As a co-founder of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, Axpo has long promoted the diversification of Europe’s gas supplies. Through TAP, we have secured long-term gas supply contracts and have commenced discussions for the sale of mid-term volumes of gas to be transported through TAP and onward to Swiss utilities.

For nearly 20 years, we have been actively trading natural gas across Europe. This includes the cross-border transport of natural gas, the trading of LNG – starting more than a decade ago – and the supply of natural gas to customers ranging from SMEs to large energy-intensive industrial companies. In Switzerland, Axpo already delivers around one terrawatt-hour (TWh) of natural gas a year to some of our larger customers.

Our activities in the gas sector

So we can best meet the demand from our customers for natural gas, Axpo offers a wide range of products and services tailored to your needs.

As an Axpo customer, you benefit from Axpo's proven experience in energy trading, risk management and market analysis, as well as our Europe-wide presence. Your consumption behaviour, risk appetite in terms of price and volume, and the time you are willing or able to spend all influence the choice of procurement model. Customers benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio, which offers both standard products and tailor-made energy solutions.

We have developed products that give you the desired planning security and relieve you of the operationally necessary but often onerous handling processes involved in gas supply. Axpo takes over the structured procurement of your required quantities and delivers them according to your specifications, either on a market area or plant basis.

Axpo can offer a wide range of solutions which can be customised to your needs. We are active in many gas hubs, which allows us to be very competitive and quick in our pricing.

Axpo is accredited at numerous energy exchanges and broker platforms throughout Europe. We also trade directly with counterparties and across borders in large parts of Europe (cross-border trading). Furthermore, we buy and sell electricity and natural gas, oil and other energy derivatives (cross commodity trading) as well as purely financial products (derivatives such as options, futures and swaps).

Gas supply companies wishing to buy or sell biogas certificates can contact Axpo. In particular, we are able to import biogas certificates thanks to our foreign subsidiaries. If required, these can also be certified with the ‘naturemade star’-quality ecolabel for energy from 100 per cent renewable sources.

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