Renewable Energy For a sustainable future

Renewable energies are sources of energy that are replenished naturally and continuously, without being exhausted. They produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and have a lower impact on the environment. Find out how Axpo insures a sustainable energy future with renewable energy sources.

Solar Energy

Our expertise covers the development and operation of solar projects, and many other services.

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Wind Power

Axpo is active along the entire wind energy value chain and provides services across Europe.

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Green Hydrogen

Axpo invests in hydrogen production plants, their operation, optimisation of use and marketing.

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Axpo is the leading Swiss hydropower producer, with about 60 plants spread throughout Switzerland.

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Biomass & Wood

Axpo is a Swiss leader in bio-waste management and offers various sustainable solutions and services.

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Strong production and broad service portfolio

Axpo offers a comprehensive range of green electricity products from different renewable energy sources. With a diverse portfolio of technologies, including hydropower, biomass, wind, and solar power, we enable regional and individual renewable energy solutions for energy suppliers. We provide certificates of origin and quality labels for those technologies. With the direct marketing of renewable energies Axpo provides additional revenue, long-term investment security, and freedom from administrative and operational costs.

Scaling up renewables across the globe

As the largest Swiss power producer, Axpo invests in solar power, wind power, hydropower, and biomass, and builds and operates wind farms in Germany and France through our subsidiary Volkswind. We are strong in expanding large-scale solar plants in various European countries with our subsidiary Urbasolar. Our customized energy solutions and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) financing model allow us to build wind and solar power plants without subsidies, further expanding climate-friendly and CO2-free energies.