Biomass & Wood From green waste to sustainable energy

Axpo is a Swiss leader in the management of sustainable biowaste, operating several biomass fermentation plants and composting sites, a wood-fired power plant and mobile services for the recycling of organic waste. By using fermentation, our sustainable approach to resource management produces energy in the form of biogas, electricity, heat, and liquid or solid fertiliser from renewable biomass, including wood and residual materials like straw, crop waste, biowaste, and liquid manure.


kilograms of CO2

per tonne of green waste


million tonnes

of biowaste produced annually in Switzerland



in Switzerland

Like fossil fuels, the combustion of biomass energy also generates greenhouse gas emissions but no more than the plants have previously extracted from the atmosphere during their growth.

Our Axpo Tegra subsidiary operates Switzerland's largest wood-fired power plant in Domat/Ems, producing renewable energy from various wood products prepared at the facility. The generation of sustainable, climate friendly energy feeds an independent electricity supply and brings significant economic value to the region.

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Axpo's recycling efforts help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make an important contribution to closing so-called material cycles of matter moving through ecosystems. As a reliable partner for local authorities, trades and industries, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions for the management of biowaste.

Fermentation & Composting

Axpo has been active in the sustainable recycling of biowaste for more than 30 years with extensive experience in all areas, from green waste collection and waste separation to processing, energy production and the manufacture of fertiliser products. Our sustainable recycling closes valuable material cycles, gaining and retaining energy and resources for future generations.

Wood energy

Producing energy from wood allows Axpo Tegra to take into account the natural life cycle of this climate-neutral energy source, follow sound ecological principles, and generate economic benefits through the multiple use of materials within the recycling cycle. Axpo will continue to use its innovative strengths and strategic investments to pursue our commitment to a sustainable energy future.

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Solar Energy

Our expertise covers the development and operation of solar projects, and many other services.

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Wind Power

Axpo is active along the entire wind energy value chain and provides services across Europe.

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Green Hydrogen

Axpo invests in hydrogen production plants, their operation, optimisation of use and marketing.

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