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Axpo Italy powers ambitious e-scooter sharing service

Few sights are more typically Italian than a traditional scooter weaving through the narrow streets of a bustling city. But today this iconic experience is becoming even more attractive, as it can now be completely environmentally friendly. 

Thanks to an agreement between Axpo Italy’s fully digital energy company Pulsee Luce e Gas and Zig Zag, one of the main scooter-sharing platforms in major Italian cities, 100 electric scooters powered by renewable energy are now available in several neighbourhoods of Genoa. And this is just the beginning. The eventual aim of the initiative, launched in December 2022, is to provide a large number of the 750 electric scooters (also known as mopeds) mandated under Genoa’s recently launched sustainable micro-mobility programme. 

The city authority’s e-scooter sharing service also supports the Flying Angels Foundation’s 'Save them with your heart' project. A QR code sticker on each scooter links to a fundraising campaign that enables children suffering from heart disease to access life-saving surgery.

New on the streets of Genoa: shared e-scooters
Smart, sustainable, safe

Genoa, along with Venice, holds Italy’s national record for the lowest number of vehicles per inhabitant. The e-scooter sharing service will not only enhance air quality but improve and extend public transport, the backbone of city mobility. By reducing the number of private scooters and motorbikes in circulation, it will also relieve traffic congestion by offering an easy and affordable way of travelling.

Accessible through a free app, the entire fleet is managed by artificial intelligence technology, enabling maximum efficiency and control over each scooter.

Last but not least, drivers will find two helmets in the storage box of each rented scooter. Safety first!   


What our experts say

Why is this project important?

Filippo Di Benedetto, Head of Business Strategy at Axpo Italia: “Axpo Group's international strategy is to enable a sustainable future. Promoting electric and sharing mobility supplied with 100% renewable energy is one of our most important commitments in Italy, both at a corporate and national level.

Concluding partnerships with leading companies in e-mobility allows us to look to the future of our cities with confidence. The scooter sharing project is particularly important for us: Axpo Italia was founded and has had its headquarters in Genoa for over 20 years, and this activity is part of our strategic framework to make skills, services and networks available in the places where the company operates.

Linking this project with a charitable cause is something we’re particularly proud of. The collaboration with Flying Angels reminds us of the importance of solidarity in all our actions.”

How will this project benefit the city of Genoa?

Marco Garbero, General Manager of Axpo Energy Solutions Italia: "Our sustainable solutions for companies committed to energy efficiency, renewables and green mobility have always been accompanied by projects focusing on cities and urban mobility through sharing.

Studies constantly remind us that the new generation in particular is less focused on 'owning' a vehicle and instead increasingly embracing green, shared solutions. We are confident that this project will provide the people of Genoa with an easily accessible, practical and convenient means of transport, and that we will be able to further enhance our partnership with Zig Zag Sharing, further developing sustainable mobility solutions.

This project excites us because it is realised in the city where Axpo Italia started its activity and because of the important logistical and service efficiency it brings.”

Axpo Italia

Founded in 2000 during Italy’s energy market liberalisation, today Axpo Italia is the country’s fourth largest electricity provider bringing the Axpo Group’s global experience to the domestic market. Energy supply plays a vital role in determining a company's competitiveness, and Axpo Italia’s activities add value for its clients across the entire energy chain. Headquartered in Genoa, the company also has operational, commercial, legal and representative offices in Rome and Milan. 

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