Supply with electricity

Devlivery and supply with electricity

It is difficult to plan the real procurement costs of electricity due to inevitable regular fluctuations of power consumption and volatile energy prices.

Structured procurement

We developed products that give you the desired planning reliability and relieve you of the necessary operative settlement processes that walk along with the supply of electricity.
Axpo thereby takes over the structured procurement of your required quantities of energy and delivers them exactly according to your demands regarding control area, market area or even facilities to be supplied.

In the context of structured procurement we offer a variety of services: 

  • Strategic advice
  • Market access
  • Sales support
  • Portfolio management

Guaranteed full supply

You would like to actively optimise the pricing for your electricity by yourself? We can offer applicable products for this undertaking too. Thanks to our decoupling of energy delivery and pricing, you get a bigger room for manoeuvre without having to refrain from the advantages of a guaranteed full supply.


Energy substitution 

The Axpo energy substitution is a 3-in-1 package which guarantees optimal security of supply and flexibility for procurement as well.

Full supply: Without any surcharge that exceeds the „regular“ full supply, Axpo guarantees a full supply of electricity within the delivery period.

Standardisation: Axpo will convert the value of this full supply to the commercially weighted quantity of standard trading products (Base, Peak).

Strategic procurement

Autonomous procurement: With the possibility to purchase these standard trading products either from Axpo or from any other participant at the market, you are able to react flexibly to price variations. By delivering the standard trading products financially to Axpo, the incidental costs of your full supply are covered.

Due to the autonomy of Axpo‘s energy substitution regarding procurement, you can purchase easily tradable standard products from different trading partners based on respective procurement strategies. In doing so, you autonomously optimise your supply costs. 

Substitution on a value basis

Control your risks.

Through fixation of the upper and/or lower price limits, your purchase price becomes even more ensured. 


Our range of services covers:

  • Full supply models
  • Balancing group management
  • Tranche model based on OTC and/or settlement prices
  • Structured procurement
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Hedging products and risk management
  • Exchange of quantities (Exchange structure for standards)
  • Contract and portfolio optimisation
  • Access to scheduled and spot markets

For deliveries via Axpo it is possible to arrange different pricing models (e.g. spot average, metal price fixing, oil price fixing).

Electricity labelling 

More products

Supply with natural gas

Axpo has its own extensive portfolio of natural gas for physical full supply of your customers as well as for your own requirements.

Long-term price hedging

With its long-term products for electricity and natural gas, Axpo helps you to profit from the current price level and to hedge that level for the future.

Energy-related services

Our long-term experience at the market as well as our widespread knowledge of the industry make Axpo the ideal partner for distributors, industrial enterprises and operators of power plants.

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