Energy trading

Energy Trading

International energy trading is the traditional core business of Axpo’s division Axpo Trading AG (former EGL). Thanks to our long-term experience, we have an excellent knowledge about the opportunities and risks of the trading business. This allows us to optimally address your individual needs and to show you additional profit potentials. With our international network you have a direct and convenient access to the most important wholesale markets in Europe through your account representative based in Leipzig or Düsseldorf. This way, your scope of operations expands across geographical borders as well as beyond energy carriers and you are able to benefit from opportunities that present themselves in the exchange and bilateral energy trading.

Attractive opportunities thereby arise from trading with physical energy quantities as well as alternative hedging instruments.

Our services 

We centrally acquire for you

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Mineral oil
  • Coal
  • CO₂ and green certificates
  • Derivates

and, if requested, market your energy at the trading market.

Market access 

Seize the opportunities of the wholesale market.

As a pan-European energy trading company we offer you access to all relevant wholesale markets. Benefit from a central and direct access to these markets. With Axpo you can trade all energy commodities as well as environmental certificates at the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and the OTC markets.
Our teams will be happy to assist you in these matters at any time.

We accept your bids on a daily basis, check them for plausibility and position them at the market for you.

Contractual basis for our trading operations are standardised framework contracts according to the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) or bilateral framework contracts.


  • is accredited at numerous energy exchanges and broker platforms all over Europe.
  • trades directly with counter parties as well (OTC business)
  • operates transnationally in large parts of Europe (Cross-Border-Trading)
  • buys and sells electricity as well as natural gas, oil and other energy derivatives (Cross-Commodity-Trading)
  • turns over physical quantities of energy
  • trades purely financial products (Derivatives such as Options, Futures or Swaps)
  • successfully trades CO2 certificates, so called green certificates and renewable energies
  • runs an industry leading centre of excellence for market analysis 

Our sales team will be glad to advise you personally.

CO₂ and green certificates 

Especially for energy-intensive industrial enterprises it gets more and more important to trade CO₂ certificates like EU Allowances or Certified Emission Reductions and to acquire renewable energies.

Take advantage of our services regarding certificate trading and get your business ready for the future.

Our services

  • Development and offering of standardised and structured CO₂ products
  • Observation of the CO₂ market and taking advantage of arising opportunities
  • Opening up market accesses
  • Acquisition and distribution of renewable energies (RECs, GoO, LECs, Green certificates)

Customer benefits

  • wide and liquid market access
  • deep knowledge of legal conditions in the different markets
  • high flexibility and strong customer focus 

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More products

Supply with electricity

Within the physical full supply you will receive all the energy quantities that are needed during the delivery period.

Supply wiith natural gas

Axpo has its own extensive portfolio of natural gas for physical full supply of your customers as well as for your own requirements.

Energy-related services

Our long-term experience at the market as well as our widespread knowledge of the industry make Axpo the ideal partner for distributors, industrial enterprises and operators of power plants.

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