Portfolio management

Portfolio management

Risk control and price optimisation

The highly volatile energy market bears opportunities but also risks. To make the risks manageable and to take optimal advantage of the opportunities, Axpo enables you to strengthen your position in the market and to stand out from the competition over the long term. Axpo‘s portfolio management specifically focuses on all gists of the economic triangle. This way, your demands and your procurement resp. production portfolio are optimally geared to each other as well as continuously adjusted to the ever-changing market conditions.

Get your business ready for the future.

Axpo runs an industry leading, independent centre of excellence for market analysis.

Market information 

Market information

Funded market analyses

Axpo continuously analyses the development of the German as well as the other European markets. The following publications and services, which we would like to offer you, could be supportive for your trading activities:

On a daily basis

  • Short analysis of the German trading market accompanied by a forecast for the current trading day

On a Weekly and monthly basis

  • Analysis of the market development for the previous trading period accompanied a price forecast for the following period

Discussion on the markets

If you need support regarding the current trade activities you can also contact us by phone. We are happy to to answer all of your questions.

Organisational setup

After a detailed analysis of your requirements regarding demand, procurement and production, we will work out a procurement and marketing strategy in close cooperation with you. This strategy is tailored to your individual needs and based on an optimal risk/profit ratio.

Strategic consultation

Economic triangle

Portfolio Consultation

Market assessments and trading recommendationsWe inform you about the latest market and your individual portfolio price developments by phone calls on a weekly basis.

Based on the current market situation and in regard to your specific procurement strategy, we present you regular trading recommendations for the short-term and mid-term optimisation of your procurement and production portfolios.

Portfolio Maintenance

Transparent overview:

We offer a transparent maintenance and administration of your procurement resp. production portfolio. Special Axpo reports give a quick and compact overview about which transactions have been performed and how your portfolio price has developed compared to the market price.

Portfolio reporting

  • Listing of all carried out trade businesses
  • Comparison of the current portfolio and market price
  • Evaluation of all closed and open portfolio positions

Balancing group reporting

Collection and presentation of the daily forecasts of demand load as well as financial and quantity items which result from daily timetable adjustments and deviations.

Forecast reporting

  • Forecast of energy costs (Short-term, mid-term, long-term) for scheduled-, spot- and balancing power products.
  • Presentation of current EEG forecasts

You can access all reports online at any time through our web based customer portal. 

Active portfolio exploitation

Benefit from our expertise.

Axpo exploits and optimises energy portfolios of public services resp. redistributors as well as enterprises and hence follows strategies that are tailored to the individual customer needs considering a defined risk/profit profile.

Strategic trading activities

If you choose one of Axpo‘s active portfolio exploitation, we will transfer your annually requested quantities of energy (or parts of it) into a collective portfolio. Within this portfolio, your quantities of energy will continuously be exploited collaborative with other quantities.

A trading market price, that has been agreed on in advance, will be the initial price for the exploitation. It is our aim to improve this initial price through systematic trading activities independent from the development of the market price.

At the end of the exploitation period you benefit proportionately from the achieved exploitation success.

Customer benefits

  • huge Axpo portfolio for maximum optimisation
  • individual services that meet your demands
  • transparent reporting

Demand side

Since the procurement of energy at redistributors can never happen detached from sales activities, we are happy to consult you in the projection and realisation of product ideas in terms of procurement for your end customers.

Optimisation of power plant operations

We make more out of your flexibility.

The commercial value of electricity coming from your production facilities is generally made up of the following parameters:

  • Intrinsic value
    (Difference between production costs and expected price for electricity)
  • Primary energy carrier costs
  • CO2 costs
  • miscellaneous variable costs
  • Extrinsic value
  • flexibility of use
  • hourly optimisation
  • real option

Axpo will be happy to assist you in increasing the value from the available flexibility and to find the optimal solution considering your individual openness to risks.

More products

Long-term price hedging

With its long-term products for electricity and natural gas, Axpo helps you to profit from the current price level and to hedge that level for the future.

Marketing of flexibilities

Axpo is operating for you at the near-term markets like spot or reserve market.


Axpo offers structured products, portfolio management, marketing of energy, CO2 and green certificates and more.

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