Oferty pracy

Your route to Axpo

Find your dream job on our job portal and apply. Perhaps we’ll get to know each other soon.

Application process

1. Application

Please apply online via our job portal.

(Note: With the exception of internships, unsolicited applications are not considered).

Can’t find a suitable job? Set up a job alert. You will then be informed immediately of suitable jobs.


2. Checking application documents and pre-selection

When we receive your application we check your documents. If your motivation, qualifications and work experience fit the job profile, you’re already a step closer.


3. Video interview

For some functions, we carry out staggered video interviews before the first meeting. You will be able to answer our questions by video, and you decide on the time and place.


4. Meeting you in person

We now look forward to meeting you in person for the first time. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Axpo and get more detailed information about the job. Depending on the function, you will be given a sample task to complete, or we’ll draw up a job-related personality profile with you. You may be invited to an assessment centre. A meeting with the team is also an option. In the final stage we’ll make you a fair offer in line with standard wages.


5. References

Before making a final decision we will obtain a reference as provided by you. 

6. Job offer

Congratulations! We are delighted you’ve decided to work for us and look forward to welcoming you to Axpo soon. 

7. Start

We wish you an energetic start at Axpo.

Three tips

Tip 1

A well prepared dossier and pertinent covering letter help us to learn more about your skills.

Tip 2

In your interview be open and genuine. This helps us to get an accurate picture of you, and also helps you to find out if Axpo is for you.

Tip 3

Asks questions in the interview and clarify any outstanding points.