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Axpo Ukraine LLC

Axpo has been active in supplying natural gas to Ukraine since 2013.
Being one of the first European suppliers to Ukraine has allowed us to build expertise and become one of the major sources of gas to various Ukrainian clients.
In order to further expand our foothold and to retain our competitive position in Ukraine, we established Axpo Ukraine.
Our experience in the liquid European markets has enabled us to make competitive and tailored product offerings to our Ukrainian customer base.
We structure offerings with flexibility on pricing, customizable credit arrangements and delivery locations.

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  • Axpo Ukraine LLC

    Limited Liability Company “Axpo Ukraine”
    Ukraine, 04070, Kyiv, 25-B Sagaydachnogo Str.

    Tel.: +38 044 498 51 64

    Business hours Mon-Fri. 09.00-18.00

    Tel.: +38 050 383 78 81 info.ua@axpo.com
  • Points of contact for consumers

    Mr. Sergii Onyshchuk
    Ukraine, 04070, Kyiv, 25-B Sagaydachnogo Str.

    Business hours Mon-Fri. 09.00-18.00 

    +38 044 498 51 64 Sergii.Onyshchuk@axpo.com