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Axpo employs over 5300 people in more than 150 different job profiles. With such a wide range of opportunities, there is sure to be an inspiring new challenge for you, whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out in your career. Apply via our job portal. We look forward to learning more about your skills, experience and motivation. It's up to you - make the difference!

Your way to Axpo – how to apply

Please apply online via our job portal.

Note: With the exception of internships, unsolicited applications will not be considered.

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Upon receiving your application we review your documentation. If your motivation, qualifications and experience match the job profile, you’re already a step closer.

Our first encounter will either be a face to face meeting at our local office or a video call via skype or other means. This gives both parties the opportunity to get to know each other and to do a first assessment of the fit. 

If you are still interested to continue and are indeed selected to proceed, you will then be asked to complete an online psychometric assessment, the results of which HR will discuss with you in the second round interview. At this point, you will also meet more Axpo people in person i.e. your future line Manager, his/her Manager and other stakeholders. Typically you may be asked to solve a specific problem or a case study which serve to assess your technical skills and you may also have a meet & greet session with the team, whom you would be working with.

Depending on the position you apply for, some additional checks may be necessary. You may be asked to participate in an assessment center, you may have to go through a background check and quite often some references may be checked as well (by phone or in writing)

If all goes well and all sides continue to want to work together, Axpo will make you an offer. In the case of extraordinary time pressure – e.g. at month’s end – we can issue an offer letter within one day. In all cases, you will eventually receive a full offer package, detailing not only base salary and bonus, but also benefits, pensions, etc. 

A tour provides you with useful, valuable information that you can use later to get oriented on your own. You’ll also get to meet other new employees and start expanding your Axpo network. An individual introductory course awaits you during the first few months. This includes the Axpo College, an introductory course to the energy industry, where you will learn all the essentials about energy production, distribution, trading and sales.

We wish you an energising start at Axpo.

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Let us support you in the application and hiring process. We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Get to know our recruiters
"Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes"

Evelyn Polo

How I stay full of energy: Two kids (one of whom is just going through puberty..), two foster children, a husband, a garden, and lots of hobbies and interests!

My personal application tip: Put yourself in your future manager’s shoes. Might there be question marks over anything in your CV? Address any potential issues in your cover letter and make it relevant to the role. How exactly does your experience match the required profile?

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: I meet lots of new people and can serve as an important sparring partner for our managers and employees. And I also get to alternate between working from home, at the office in Baden and in some of the nicest places in Switzerland.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Axpo operates in an exciting environment involving people, technology and nature. The energy sector is in the midst of radical change, and it’s exciting that I get to play a part in shaping the future of energy..



"Be yourself!"

Roger Hofer

How I stay full of energy: Going mountain biking in the hills and woods with close friends.

My personal application tip: Be open and relaxed for an interview; be yourself.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: Our work is exciting and varied. At Axpo you’ll meet committed people and experience good teamwork.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Axpo offers flexible working hours and a state-of-the-art infrastructure.



"The first impression counts"

Sabina Marchetti

How I stay full of energy: Switch to autopilot more often and travel regularly.

My personal application tip: The first impression counts: You’re already half way there if you come across as professional and friendly.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: The diversity and working with people at Axpo is important to me.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: The working atmosphere at Axpo is pleasant and the terms of employment offer good fringe benefits.



"Be well-prepared!"

Ute Thallemer

How I stay full of energy: I achieve the necessary work-life balance by spending time with my family and friends, or by reading a good book with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

My personal application tip: Prepare well for your interview. Pay attention, listen closely and ask questions during the meeting. Be yourself and you’re already halfway there!

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: Working with people is very important to me. My role at Axpo is varied and interesting. The dynamic environment always throws up new challenges, which keeps things interesting.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Axpo is a company that operates internationally but stays true to its Swiss roots. The pleasant work atmosphere and competitive employment terms and social security benefits are just some of the things that make Axpo an attractive employer.



"Start your interview with a smile"

Raphael Wildi

How I stay full of energy: I usually round off my dynamic and varied workday with sports and exercise. It helps me clear my mind, so I’m ready to start the next day full of energy again.

My personal application tip: A smile will get your interview off to a good start. And being open and honest during the application process will lay the foundations for a long and successful career at Axpo.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: My role is dynamic and varied. No two days are the same, which makes it very exciting.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Definitely the work atmosphere. Everyone pulls together and supports each other to achieve the goals and perform to their best ability as a team



"Ask questions"

Nadine Bühler

How I stay full of energy: My job means I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. This makes it all the more important that I get some exercise outside of work. I love playing sports with friends. To me, the ball symbolises teamwork.

My personal application tip: The interview is aimed at getting to know you better and finding out your strengths and what you hope to achieve in your new job. But it also gives you the chance to find out more about Axpo and the team. Make the most of this opportunity! What appeals to you about Axpo? What is important to you in a job? Will we be able to meet your expectations?

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: I’m interested in people and I like to put smiles on faces. At Axpo, I learn something new every day and get to meet interesting candidates. And because I’m in contact with so many different personalities, my people skills are also improving all the time.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: The good working environment and the way that everyone supports each other – not just within the team but throughout the whole company.


"Find out whether we’re a good match"

Luca Brugnano

How I stay full of energy: I’m passionate about my work. I discovered my passion for recruiting future colleagues in a similar way to how I became a big fan of AS Roma the first time I saw Francesco Totti play.

My personal application tip: Be yourself! It will help us find out if we’re a good match, and it will also make you feel less nervous.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: I enjoy the dynamism, but I also like the human aspects of talent acquisition. I recruit people for a wide range of exciting roles, from trader to analyst to software engineer. The international working environment in Trading & Sales also fascinates and motivates me. 

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: The company is dynamic, innovative and always striving to improve. I can identify with that myself. 


"What are your needs and expectations?"

Susanne Lehmann

How I stay full of energy: I love to travel. I’m curious about the world and really enjoy discovering other countries and cultures.

My personal application tip: Be honest! Show us what you’re good at, but also mention any skills or areas that you’d still like to improve or develop. Tell me what’s important to you in your career and how you imagine your future role. This is the only way for us to find out if we’d be a good match. It’s not just facts that count here – relationships are just as important. Trust your gut feeling when deciding.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: Definitely the fact that it’s so varied – be it the different business areas that Axpo is involved in, the different specialists in those areas, or the diverse people and cultures that can be found at Axpo in Switzerland and abroad. It never gets boring, and I’m always learning something new.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Axpo is a well-known company with an excellent image. It not only attaches importance to sustainability and innovation but also sees its employees as key factors in the company’s success – and treats them accordingly. 



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