14.09.2021 | Axpo Italia launches charging stations for e-cars in Rome

Exploring the eternal city just got more eco-friendly

Tobias Kistner




From now on, more locals and tourists can explore Rome comfortably in electric cars, thanks to Axpo Italia’s new network of charging stations at central city locations. The initiative signals the launch of Axpo Italia's plans to contribute to the expansion of Italy’s e-mobility infrastructure.

Anyone who has been to Rome knows that driving in the Italian capital can be a chaotic experience at best. Not even Axpo can change the way people drive there. But it is possible to influence the way the heavy traffic rolls through the eternal city in a more environmentally friendly way in future - by increasing the use of electric cars.

Two points play an important role here: vehicles need to be charged with green electricity, and a publicly accessible infrastructure must be available to enable electric cars to be charged quickly. Axpo Italia is a leader in both areas. The company has specialised in marketing electricity from renewable sources for years. It is also a leading player in long-term power supply and power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Italy. Through its subsidiary Axpo Energy Solutions Italia, the company also develops e-mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Fast and simple

Axpo Italia has now combined this expertise to pioneer an innovative sustainability and e-mobility project in Rome which will later be rolled out across Italy. Since last week, 24 double-sided charging stations have been available to the people of Rome and its many visitors, allowing a total of 48 e-cars to be charged simultaneously.

The electric charging stations are compatible with most electric and hybrid vehicles in circulation. They are easy to use, regardless of the charging system, and payment is convenient via PayPal and credit card. A QR code on each charging station makes the customer experience quick and easy so that as many people as possible can use them.

Salvatore Pinto, President of Axpo Italia, commented: "Sustainable mobility is an essential part of achieving the climate neutrality target by 2050. With the public network of charging stations for e-cars in Rome, we want to make a concrete contribution to transforming our cities, which are dominated by constant traffic, into greener living spaces. Launching our initiative in Rome is strongly symbolic. We want to combine our vision of the future with the tradition and history of our country to eventually reach all Italian citizens."

Expansion has just begun

Axpo Italia and the city of Rome authorities aim to further expand its charging infrastructure in the coming months. Axpo will benefit from the experience to help make transport in other Italian cities more eco-friendly as well.

Simone Demarchi, CEO of Axpo Italia, emphasised: "We want to use our expertise to provide a large and complex city like Rome with the most comprehensive charging network possible, helping to further reduce its significant CO2 emissions. One thing is clear: there will be no CO2-neutral world without concrete measures in mobility. E-mobility has enormous potential, especially in cities and urban regions."

Rome’s municipal authorities participated enthusiastically in the project’s launch.

Mayor Virginia Raggi said: “In Rome we are strongly investing in e-mobility and are happy to be able to count on Axpo Italia's contribution to the expansion of the charging station network on public land. This is how we are carrying forward our programme to guarantee an important service to all Romans who choose zero-emission mobility."

Rome’s Deputy Mayor Pietro Calabrese, in charge of the ‘City in Motion’ department, added: "E-mobility is the future for our cities, and for this reason Rome has for some time now had a simple and clear set of rules for the installation of charging systems open to the public. It is a model based on a partnership between the public and private sectors that is yielding important results in terms of technological innovation, with charging systems that are becoming increasingly efficient and smart."

Axpo Italia is well positioned in this regard. In addition to installing charging stations for e-cars, Axpo Energy Solutions Italia is also active in car sharing and helps large companies convert their fleets to e-cars.

Marco Garbero, General Manager of Axpo Energy Solutions Italia, explained: "Until now, we have always implemented our projects on behalf of companies. Here in Rome, our experience in the field of e-mobility is directly benefiting the general public for the first time. I am very pleased that we can take this important step."

Axpo Italia also has a special treat in store for customers of its digital consumer brand Pulsee. As part of a special promotion, all Pulsee customers will receive a 10 euro discount when they charge an e-car at an Axpo charging station for the first time.

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