06.10.2020 | Axpo Italia celebrates its 20th anniversary and the opening of its new offices

Happy Birthday, Axpo Italia!

“Auguri di Buon Compleanno – Happy Birthday”! It was a great celebration day on October 2nd 2020 for Axpo Italia. An occasion to commemorate 20 years of activity of Axpo’s subsidiary in Italy – and to officially cut the ribbon of the brand new offices in the Italian headquarter in Genoa’s downtown.

The day was a comprehensive one: The first phase of the celebration started by means of a press conference with major national and regional media involved. Several representatives of the local institutions, such as the Mayor of the City of Genoa and the Governor of the Liguria region, attended to testify the importance of Axpo Italia for the local economic environment, and its ability to bring value to the territory of Genoa and Liguria and the whole country.

The press conference was completed by a study – developed in cooperation with the University of Genoa – about the economic and social impact of Axpo Italia for the country as a whole. Numbers shown during the discussion demonstrated the results Axpo Italia achieved during the 20 years path and tracked the growing success of a strategy built up on the capacity to diversify the business activities and overcome difficult moments. Just like the current Covid-19 situation – ”in spite of which our results are above expectations. We are very proud of this”, commented Simone Demarchi, CEO of Axpo Italy.

Genoa: the ideal place for further growth

With regard to the new premises of Axpo Italia in the city center of Genoa, Simone Demarchi added: “When we decided to move to the city downtown of Genoa we had the idea to participate in kind of rebirth of the city by helping to restore value to a specific local area. We could have taken other decisions but we are convinced that this city and this area can be the ideal context to continue our growth path.”

“Our 20-year presence in Italy positions us as an increasingly important player in the energy sector, with a crucial role for the economy and competitiveness of the country, achieved in 20 years of commitment, as the data emerged from the study show”, remarked Salvatore Pinto, President of Axpo Italia.

Marco Bucci, the Mayor of Genoa, added: “Axpo Italia demonstrates in Genoa how our city is able to attract companies with an important talent rate and great prospects for the future. Axpo is a model from which to continue on a path of innovation and digitalization of services that the city has already started a long time ago”.

Cooperation with a famous photographer

During the second phase of the celebration day, Axpo Italia hosted business partners for a lighter and relational moment. During the evening, it was possible to retrace the steps of the collaboration with the international photographer Stefano Guindani, involved by Axpo Italia in the realization of a photographic project for the city.

Stefano talked about his relationship with Genoa, about its ability to be a mysterious and fascinating city and about the great hospitality of its inhabitants. A selection of Stefano Guindani's photographs can still be seen in an open-air exhibition just a few steps away from Axpo Italia's new premises and will remain there until 15 October.

The evening concluded with a music moment before the guests - visibly impressed by Axpo Italia's new premises - set off for home.

A touch of New York above the roofs of Genoa

The versatile, functional, luminous new offices have been particularly appreciated by guests from politics, media and business hosted during the day. Large open spaces inspired by the New York style, relaxation areas and a wonderful terrace overlooking Genoa.

Although separate, the distinction between representation spaces and operational areas is almost unnoticeable. Glass walls that give a glimpse of what is beyond, visible systems, wall treatments. This choice also allows natural lighting to penetrate from the large perimeter window surfaces.

Axpo Italia’s new offices are not only operational areas and meeting rooms: on each floor, there is a kitchenette area, multiple phone booths to make phone calls in total privacy, boxes to work and have private conversations, as well as relaxation areas.

20 years and counting, new offices, full of energy. That’s what Axpo Italy represents.

From left to right: Giovanni Toti, Simone Demarchi, Salvatore Pinto, Marco Bucci

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