18.03.2021 | Italian experts discuss hot energy topics at ‘Axpo Green Energy Solutions Talks’

How to shape sustainability and mobility for the future

Tobias Kistner




The concepts of ‘sustainability’ and ‘green energy’ will undoubtedly play a leading part in the post-Covid-19 economic recovery. Also when it comes to developing new forms of mobility. This turned out at Axpo Italia's annual ‘Green Energy Solutions Talks’ where possible developments in the energy sector and related markets were discussed. 

Simone Demarchi, CEO Axpo Italia

The future is going to be green. “It is a path from which there is no going back", commented Axpo Italia CEO Simone Demarchi. “This transition is a journey that will involve several steps and moments, and we as an energy player will have important responsibilities. A large part of the EU Recovery Plan's resources will go into the energy transition macro-sector, a large umbrella that includes the extension of energy efficiency measures, the growth of renewables, and sustainable mobility. Being ready to seize the opportunities and maximise their impact on the future is a challenge and responsibility for everyone.”

The first Axpo Green Energy Solutions Talks panel discussed the Italian Government’s new Superbonus 110 initiative. This allows anyone who carries out energy efficiency improvements in the construction sector to obtain a tax credit of 110% of the cost of the work itself.

Increasing interest in energy efficiency measures

Talks moderator and SkyTg24 journalist Francesca Baraghini was joined by Marco Garbero, General Manager of Axpo Energy Solutions Italia. Part of Axpo Italia, the company specialises in developing energy efficiency and sustainable mobility solutions for business and private customers.Garbero told the event that the company was seeing a significant increase in requests for energy efficiency and building requalification. “There is great attention to the subject from the customer side,” he revealed. “As Axpo Energy Solutions Italia, we had already started in 2017 with redevelopment projects, but effectively with the new measure the interest has grown exponentially."

Marco Garbero, General Manager of Axpo Energy Solutions Italia speaking about energy efficiency.
Political support needed

Garbero also noted that the newly established Italian Ministry for Energy Transition was a further turning point for the sector. "Italy is the last country in Europe to create a government ministry for ecological transition. Companies have a responsibility to do a lot to facilitate this transition, but it is also crucial that there is governmental support and centralised control, which can give the right support for the political choices that will be made on these important issues”.

Andrea Del Moretto, Head of Origination at Banco BPM, commented: "European and related regulation on governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action has highlighted a series of useful references to achieve an effective and transparent European system, in line with the 2030 objectives. This is a very important topic  for Banco BPM which, among other things, entered the Superbonus 110 by focusing on technological innovation and partnerships with leading operators in the sector. Banco BPM's offer stands out for its high level of digitisation. We have benefited from our consolidated experience in the purchase of tax credits and in working with public administration with the aim of making this know-how available to our customers.”

e-mobility is becoming a real market option

In the second panel on sustainable mobility, Axpo Italia presented the second edition of its ‘White Paper on e-mobility’. Prepared in collaboration with Start Magazine, the white paper summarises all the elements required to achieve e-mobility in Europe, from market to infrastructure. This includes the sale of fully electric or hybrid cars, as well as more technical aspects such as new battery technologies, disposal and recycling, and the entire green mobility chain. The lifecycle of an electric vehicle must be effectively greener than that of its conventionally powered diesel or petrol equivalent for e-mobility to really make sense.

Michele Guerriero, editorial director of Start Magazine, said: “This edition of the white paper on electric mobility shows that, for the first time, electric cars are a real market option. We are no longer in the presence of a choice made by a small minority, but we can start to look at this new element as a real industrial factor. There is a long way to go, however, starting with the implementation of the charging infrastructure.”

In the second panel e-mobility was discussed
Car manufacturers go full throttle

Several representatives of leading companies and organisations from the electric and sustainable mobility sectors took part in the subsequent discussion. This included the Motus-E association, of which Axpo Italia has been a member for a number of years and which, through studies and research, works to support the importance of green mobility.

Dino Marcozzi, secretary general of Motus-E, said: "In cities there is no alternative to electric vehicles. The growth in registrations is impressive despite the lockdown. But we need to push as hard as possible on recharging infrastructures. We have many charging points, but they need to be increased and distributed in the best possible way. E-mobility is an opportunity that we cannot lose as a country.

Car manufacturers are pushing the introduction of electric and electrified models, as Stefano Sordelli, Future Mobility Director of Volkswagen Group Italia, testified: "For us, the future is electric. This is not a gamble, but a well-considered choice and a technology that represents the best option, in terms of efficiency and sustainability, for achieving climate targets. The aim is to make e-mobility accessible to everyone".

Reinventing city transportation systems

Even whole cities are going green by focusing on sustainable mobility. Genoa, where Axpo Italia is headquartered, has big plans. Matteo Campora, Councillor for Transport and Integrated Mobility of the Municipality of Genoa, said: "The urban mobility revolution is going ahead. We have an ambitious project for mobility in our city. It will provide Genoa with a new sustainable, zero-impact transportation system, with the redevelopment of important city streets and better services for citizens. We aim at having a fully electric public transport by 2025.”

Partnerships for vehicle sharing and e-scooters

For Axpo Italia, e-mobility has always meant not only infrastructure and technology applied to vehicles, but also knowing how to find the most suitable ways of using a car. The company has always focused on car sharing, given the fact that most vehicles are parked for 90% of the time. That’s why for several years the company has worked with Zig Zag Sharing, a company providing electric scooters for hire in a number of major Italian cities. The partnership allows customers of Axpo Italia’s new digital domestic energy brand, Pulsee, to have 10 hours of free rental with ZigZag sharing scooters. Moreover, Pulsee offers customers 12 months of one of its exclusive Value Added Services that allows to receive only energy from certified renewable sources.

Vehicle sharing will get even more attractive to Italian consumers, according to Emanuele Grazioli, co-founder of Zig Zag Sharing: “We plan to continue investing in green mobility in Italy, which we believe is fundamental to the country's sustainable development. In order to continue to grow in Italy and constantly increase the number of potential users, partnerships such as the one with Axpo Italia's brand Pulsee are absolutely crucial and we are committed to developing more of them in the coming months."

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