28.01.2019 | Axpo markets approx. 14,000 MW in Europe

Number 1 in green electricity

Axpo offers a diversified portfolio in renewables: Wind power plants are built where there is the most wind, long-term purchase agreements support the implementation of green electricity projects, and thanks to its hydropower portfolio in Switzerland, Axpo is the largest Swiss producer of renewable energies. Natural resources are important to Axpo – in Switzerland and in Europe.

With its subsidiary Volkswind, Axpo has a strong position in the area of wind energy along the entire renewables value chain. Wind power plants are built where they can produce large amounts of power owing to the wind conditions. Alone in 2018, Axpo built five wind farms with 26 wind power plants in France. In addition to the construction and operation of plants, some of the portfolio positions are for sale, and in 2018 Axpo sold four wind farms.

From 2018 to 2020 the Unilever Group will procure power for its works in Italy from the South Italian wind farm WinBis, which is owned by Axpo. The conclusion of this contract marks the starting shot for the "Axpo Green Energy" programme, a new type of certification for renewable energies in Italy.

Green electricity from North to South

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) for electricity from renewable energies have been in use on international power markets for some time in order to enable producers to secure long-term energy supply. Buyers benefit from a guaranteed energy source, often at fixed prices. Axpo has been active in this business for a long time because these agreements are a great opportunity for the European energy markets. On the one hand, PPAs promote the development of renewable energies by providing the producers with strong, reliable business partners. On the other hand, major European companies receive affordable, reliable, clean energy, which reduces energy costs and supports sustainability goals.

Axpo has concluded long-term power purchase agreements with several companies: Axpo signed a PPA for an onshore wind farm in Norway with LUXCARA, a leading asset manager for renewable energy investments in Europe. Axpo is also active in this area in Southern Europe: Thanks to Axpo, government subsidies for renewable energies were completely replaced with long-term power purchase agreements for the first time in Portugal. Axpo has made a decisive contribution to making the construction of a large solar plant possible.

The number 1 in Switzerland

Some 60 per cent the electricity produced in Switzerland comes from hydropower. It is the most important renewable energy and a key in Axpo's portfolio. Axpo operates over 60 run-of-river, storage and pumped storage power plants and is the largest Swiss producer of renewable energies. One of the most important facilities is the Limmern pumped storage plant. The epic construction went on grid in 2017.

In addition to hydropower, the energy company also focuses on biomass energy. This energy is still a niche product – but it has potential. Axpo operates 15 fermentation plants and five composting sites throughout Switzerland. In 2018, a pilot project was launched that enables renewable power from biomass to be used round the clock as needed by means of biogas storage. Axpo is staying on top of the storage problem aiming to establish more constant, more targeted renewable energy supply to Swiss households. 

Pumped Storage Plant Linth-Limmern: One of the largest batteries in the Alps with a flexible pump and turbine capacity of 1000 MW each.

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