03.08.2022 | Get to know our trainee alumnis: Renato Bühler

“I was able to shape my trainee experience at Axpo”

Renato Bühler obtained his master’s degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. After graduating he joined Axpo as a Trainee in Finance, gaining insights into different areas during four assignments. His last assignment was at Volkswind in Germany, where he was able to work directly with the Chief Financial Officer. After finishing the trainee program Renato started working at Axpo as a Junior Project Manager Business Analytics. 


Renato Bühler

Function: Junior Project Manager Business Analytics

Trainee Alumni: Trainee Finance

Background: MSc in Banking & Finance, UZH

Assignments: Finance projects, Controlling Grid, Group Controlling, Volkswind

What was your motivation to start at Axpo with a traineeship?

During my studies I became more and more interested in sustainable finance and sustainability in general. Axpo offered me a good opportunity to learn about a completely new industry, while applying my financial skills. The industry presents many opportunities to shape a sustainable future, and as a large producer of renewables, Axpo was a very attractive proposition.

What is the most memorable/valuable experience you made during your traineeship?

Unfortunately, 80% of my traineeship was during Corona, so I missed out on many interesting experiences. However, my rotation at Volkswind in Germany was very valuable, as I was able to work directly with the CFO there. It showed me how diversified the work within finance is and gave me real insight into wind energy in Germany and France.

How do the skills you learned during the traineeship support you in your tasks today?

One of the most valuable skills I learnt is to challenge existing processes and daily tasks to improve or automate them even further. I find that very helpful in my current role in business analytics. Also, the  communication skills I gained are proving very useful, as I have a lot of meetings with different customers.

Why was the traineeship the ideal career start for you? How did it help you to obtain your current position?

The four different assignments were a perfect way to get an understanding of a new industry, as I had worked mainly in the insurance industry before. I was able to shape my trainee experience at Axpo by bringing my own ideas to the table: together we chose the assignments to match my interests. The intersection between finance and IT has always interested me, so I was fortunate to spend five months working on a large IT project within the finance department. It was a very exciting and interesting time, and I came to the conclusion that this was the area I wanted to focus on in my career. That is how I ended up as a Junior Project Manager in Business Analytics.

How has your everyday work changed when you compare your day-to-day during the traineeship and your permanent position now?

During the traineeship, I tried to make the most of the short time spent in different business areas, to learn as much as possible. I was introduced to many diverse topics, some unrelated to finance, which I enjoyed. In my current position, the work is focused on a smaller range of topics, yet it is still really diverse. Now I work mainly with BI tools and organize the communication between the development teams and our business areas.

How does the trainee community and network you cultivated during your traineeship support you in your work now?

I think the trainee network is really important – it can be of great help you when you have any kind of question. For example, we organize a monthly trainee call with the “finance trainees”, to stay updated on each other’s work and to share common problems and solutions. I also appreciate all the meetings with the trainees from other areas, as you can learn a lot about innovations, new projects and tools used within other departments.

Did Renato’s experience with his traineeship at Axpo spark your curiosity? You can find more information about it here. We look forward to hopefully meeting you during the recruitment process! 

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