10.12.2021 | Trainee at Axpo: Emanuel Joos

"The traineeship offers me a wide range of learning opportunities"

Emanuel Joos gained his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at ETH in Zurich and joined Axpo as a trainee in Data Science and Data Engineering in October 2020. He is currently working on his third and last rotation of the traineeship at Hydro 4.0, where he can apply and expand on the knowledge he acquired in the previous rotations. As part of his traineeship, Emanuel has been involved in the organization and execution of the Hackathon 2021 and the first Axpo Engineering power Conference.

Emanuel Joos

Function: Trainee Data Science and Data Engineering
Background: MSc in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich
Assignments: Grid 4.0, Advanced Analytics Trading & Sales, Hydro 4.0

Why did you start your traineeship at Axpo?

Switzerland's energy supply is reaching a turning point. The resulting changes in politics, technology and society will raise some very interesting questions. I want to play an active role in shaping the future of Switzerland’s energy sector. The trainee program not only presents me with exciting challenges in my field, but also gives me a deeper insight into the company and the energy industry.

What are the benefits of a traineeship from your perspective?

The traineeship has allowed me to build up a large network within Axpo. In the course of the trainee program, you get to know a lot of people in different departments, and you have the opportunity to regularly exchange ideas within the trainee community.

Another advantage is the chance to acquire a broad knowledge of the energy sector. The three rotations allow you to experience a variety of teams and projects. Because different departments use different technologies, you also gain a lot of technical knowledge. I have learnt a lot.   

Can you tell us more about the different rotations and projects during your traineeship?

During my first rotation in Grid 4.0, I mainly worked in the field of Data Engineering, and built an IoT pipeline for grid control system data (SCADA). For the second part of my traineeship, I moved to the Advanced Analytics Trading & Sales team. For six months, I worked in the Data Science area, mainly on predictive models. In the third and last rotation at Hydro 4.0, I am applying and expanding on the knowledge I gained in my first two rotations. The projects I am working on now are connected both with the Data Engineering and the Data Science areas. Since the Hydro 4.0 team is still very young, I am involved in many decisions that will greatly influence the future of the Hydro Digitization team. I am currently working with members of the other departments on modules that can be used across teams. This brings together the knowledge of the Grid 4.0, Advanced Analytics and Hydro 4.0 departments.

Emanuel and the team of Grid 4.0 hiking at a team event.
What mark did you leave behind during your traineeship? What is your “footprint”?

In spring 2021, I had the opportunity to be a member of the organization committee for the Hackathon 2021. A total of 30 data scientists and data engineers from all Axpo business areas took part in this event and developed, among other things, an ML model that can be used by Urbasolar in the future.

I also had the chance to get involved in the organization of the first Axpo Engineering Power Conference in September 2021. More than 30 speakers from Axpo presented their current projects and gave the rest of the Axpo employees an overview of their work. For this event, I was responsible for speaker recruitment and speaker training. The event was a huge success and was very well received by all employees. 

What is a typical day at work as a trainee at Axpo (highlights of your working day)?

It's very difficult to describe a typical working day because every day is a little different. A highlight for me is working with other departments to solve issues that arise. Each team brings different knowledge and methodologies to the table, and together we find the best solutions. In moments like these, a cross-departmental network pays off! 

What was something you didn’t know before you started working at Axpo?

There is a lot I didn't know and of course I am still learning all the time. But what could be better than learning something new every day?

What can you apply in your daily work that you learned at university?

A very valuable skill I acquired at ETH is how to approach problem solving. I make daily use of the analytical skills and problem-solving strategies I learned there, and find them a great asset on all my projects.

What do you recommend to graduates for their career start?

I can highly recommend a trainee program after graduation. It is a unique opportunity to work in different teams and on a variety of projects. You learn a lot during this time and you also get to know yourself better, your strengths and interests.

Did Emanuel’s experience with his traineeship at Axpo spark your curiosity? You can find more information about it here. We look forward to hopefully meeting you during the recruitment process!

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