14.09.2023 | Engineering Power Conference 2023

Lots of expertise, pizza and the Axpo community in Baden

Whether for the analysis of large amounts of data, for the construction of floating PV plants or for the development of large battery storage systems: engineering knowledge is needed. Knowledge that came together on 12 September at the Engineering Power Conference in the Kurtheater Baden. Engineers, project managers, economic researchers and employees from all departments of the Axpo Group came together at the headquarters in Baden and gave 20 speeches about projects they are currently working on.


What do you have to consider when building PV plants on water? This question was addressed by Caroline Le Nail, for example. In the first speech of the Engineering Power Conference, the engineer showed the challenges that the Axpo subsidiary Urbasolar had to overcome in the construction of floating PV plants. "Such installations are expensive, you don't have several attempts," said le Nail. Exciting insights, spectacular pictures and a look behind the scenes of their work. That is exactly what the Engineering Power Conference stands for. Caroline's speech and other highlights of the Engineering Power Conference will be made publicly available to an interested audience for the first time. Selected speeches and highlights can be viewed here. All speeches were held in English in order to have a common language in the international context of the conference.

Create energy future

Networking and innovation were at the forefront of the event, alongside the technical speeches. Over 500 employees from all over the world came together to discuss and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Co-organiser and CTO of Axpo, Thomas Gresch, was also convinced that this was a place for creative brainstorming. Because the engineer 4.0 is no longer a person, but a mindset, according to Gresch. And CKW-CEO Martin Schwab also made it clear in his welcome speech: "We have to develop new things in order to move into a future of renewable energies". 

From BIM-Method to battery storage

After a snack of coffee, crêpes and pizza, there were more speeches every 15 minutes. For example, where does Axpo Grid stand in terms of the BIM method or what developments are there in the field of battery storage? Questions that were discussed and clarified in the course of the day. By the way, the dog-robot, which is otherwise in use at the Leibstadt nuclear power plant, also made it onto the stage.


A community in Baden

The fact that so many colleagues from the entire Axpo Group came together was also emphasised by Axpo COO Henriette Wendt in the afternoon. This exchange among employees is central, she said in her speech. And even if innovation and inspiration are the main focus of this day, for Wendt is clear: "We should never stop asking ourselves where we can become even better". We will come back to this at the next edition of the Engineering Power Conference on 5th September 2024.

The Power of Data

Angela Steffen and Christoph Haene from Axpo subsidiary CKW take us into the world of data analysis. More information can be found directly on the CKW Open Data page.

Building floating PV plants

Caroline Le Nail from Axpo subsidiary Urbasolar gave an insight in her work with floating PV plants. More informations about our projects in the area of floating PV plants. 

Data sciences enables sustainability

In this speech Leiv Andresen gives an insight in his work with data science and how it can enable sustainability.

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