01.09.2023 | Axpo and EWS give new impetus with first alpine solar plant in Canton Schwyz

Premiere in the Canton of Schwyz

Jeanette Schranz




A step towards renewable energy in Canton Schwyz: Axpo is teaming up with EWS AG, the local energy company, to build the canton's very first alpine solar plant. The planned 9 MWp ground-mounted system, which will be called "Alpin Solar Ybrig", is intended to generate local added value and supply important winter electricity in the future.


A visualisation of the plant in Roggenegg

The alpine topography brings its own challenges, but Axpo and EWS AG can exploit the advantages there for the generation of sustainable electricity. The construction of the plant can create local value for the local community of Oberiberg. The "Alpin Solar Ybrig" solar plant is expected to produce over 12 gigawatt hours per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 2600 households. The high altitude of the region would also make the plant an important supplier of winter electricity, as it can benefit from clear sunny days, colder temperatures, and the reflection of the snow. This locally produced electricity could increase the region's overall level of self-sufficiency.

Dual use of land

The alpine plant is to be built on an area of about 9 hectares belonging to Genossame Schwyz on existing pasture land in the Roggenegg area. This clever concept combines sustainable energy production with the preservation of alpine farming -also known as Agri-PV

Project at a Glance:

  • will stand at around 1600 m above sea level
  • 9 megawatts of installed capacity
  • Produces 12 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year
  • Electricity sufficient for over 2600 households annually
  • 23,000 solar modules are set to be installed

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