18.09.2019 | The Axpo subsidiary starts building Toulouse's largest solar energy park in an urban environment

Urbasolar and the City

In the city of Tolulouse, the solar energy company Urbasolar is building a solar park on the site of a former factory. The solar panels of the Axpo subsidiary are located on an area of 25 hectares. The park has numerous features that make this project unique in France.

With an output of 15 MWp and an area of 25 hectares, this solar park will produce an average of 19'350 MWh per year and cover the needs of 4100 households. The park is located in the middle of an urban environment, next to the "Marchand Hospital", on the site of a former factory destroyed by an explosion in the year 2001.

The ground at this location is heavily polluted due to the explosion and can now be used sensibly again thanks to the solar system. However, this requires the use of an innovative installation process and an innovative design for the solar park.

An art project

The project called "Oncopole" is the first large solar park being built in France in an urban environment. However, this is not the only special feature of the park. The project was also conceived as an art project ("Land Art") and has been validated by the French architects' association.

That's how the solar park is going to look like once he is completly built

A pixel image is generated by means of coloured solar modules. It can be seen from the air and changes according to the angle of view. Passengers on airplanes taking off and landing at “Blagnac Airport” can see it. The picture will also be visible of a newly planned cable car over the river Garonne.

Residents can invest

This initiative is part of Toulouse's commitment to renewable energies and the regional climate, air and energy plan. This includes the creation of 80 specific projects to provide a local response to the environmental and economic challenges of climate change. The project also offers Toulouse residents the opportunity to acquire a stake in the solar park through a special participation program, thus helping to build a renewable future.

With this project, Axpo subsidiary Urbasolar also confirms its position as market leader in solar technology. This was also reflected in the latest auction for freestanding solar systems, in which the company took first place in the "CRE" tender with a market share of 17 percent and an output of 145 MW. Urbasolar thus has a portfolio of more than 500 MW, which is to be installed in France within the next 24 months.

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