Awarded again: Axpo continues to be the worldwide number 1 in power trading

26.01.2016 - For the second time in a row, market players and customers voted Axpo as the number 1 in the category “Overall Dealers Power” and hence as the best power trader worldwide. The fact that this distinction comes from its clients and other market players is both an acknowledgement and vote of confidence for Axpo. In the ranking for the worldwide best gas trading company, Axpo landed in third place. Axpo also ranks in top positions in numerous European markets in the areas of power and gas trading, and was able to improve the excellent results of the previous year.

In the annual „Risk“ and „Energy Risk“ survey, over 1500 market players and clients are asked to assess counterparties according to criteria such as price, flexibility, market making, reliability, integrity and processing speed. For years, Axpo has regularly ranked among the top companies in the „Energy & Commodity Rankings“. The title as the worldwide best power trader went to Axpo for the first time last year. The company successfully maintained this title: Axpo once again ranked first with 27.4% of the submitted votes. For the first time, Axpo holds a top position in the category “Overall Natural Gas Dealer”. Achieving an impressive rank 3, the company is now in the league of the world’s best gas traders.

Domenico De Luca, Head of Trading & Sales at Axpo, is extremely pleased with the top rankings: „The fact that we once again received so many votes from our partners and customers is a great acknowledgement and endorsement for our work. Our success stands on several pillars: We have an excellent risk management system, we are clearly customer-focused, innovative and flexible, and we successfully positioned ourselves in important market niches early on.“ 

Number 1 in the most important European markets

In view of the persisting low wholesale power prices that continue to negatively impact the traditional production business, Axpo has been developing new revenue opportunities in the international energy trading business for many years. The consistent expansion of its presence and business activities in Europe is bearing fruit: Axpo achieved several top ranks in the European markets in which it is present. Axpo ranked number 1 in power trading in Germany, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula. In France, Axpo climbed from rank 4 to rank 3, and in Great Britain from rank 5 to rank 4. In the category „Power Research in Europe“, Axpo was able to successfully maintain the second place it achieved for the first time last year.

Axpo was not only selected as the worldwide number three in the area of gas trading, but also achieved top ranks in some countries: In Germany and Belgium, where the company figures in the ranking for the first time ever, and landed in first place right away. In Great Britain, France, and Italy, Axpo was awarded rank 3. Rank 4 in the area of „Research in European Natural Gas“ rounds off the excellent overall result in this year’s survey. 

Focus on origination and renewable energies

In order to remain among the best in the future, Axpo will continue to focus on the development of the European origination business that offers customers all over Europe individual solutions for the marketing and procurement of power and gas, as well as energy certificates. Axpo sees particularly high potential in the wind segment for small and medium-sized customers.

The crucial factor here is customer proximity: In the meantime, the company is represented locally in over 25 European countries and active in 35 markets. A new office was opened in Amsterdam last year. An office in Bratislava is planned for 2016 in order to more intensively develop the Czech and Slovakian markets. Axpo will also start its business activities in the USA this year.

Renewable energies play a major role in the energy trading business: Through its subsidiaries, Axpo markets energy from customer plants with a total installed capacity of approximately 12,000 MW, making it one of the leading marketers of renewable energies in Europe.

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