Axpo powers up first stage of Disneyland Paris solar park | Axpo

Axpo is currently constructing a solar canopy at Disneyland Paris through its subsidiary Urbasolar as a co-investor in the project. The first stage began operating today and will generate 10 GWh of electricity a year. When fully operational in 2023, the facility will be one of the largest solar parks in Europe, generating 36 GWh of electricity annually.

Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary and, with Axpo subsidiary Urbasolar, today commissioned the first stage of its solar canopy for the resort’s car park. The large-scale project is part of the Disneyland Paris environmental strategy, which aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonise its energy supply.

The staged construction of the solar canopy commenced in autumn 2020 and is scheduled for completion by 2023. To date, over 46,000 solar panels have been installed, covering more than 7,000 parking spaces out of a total of 11,200. The first stage of the solar canopy will generate 10 GWh of electricity a year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a city with more than 4,800 inhabitants.

Overall, 82,000 solar panels will be installed at Disneyland Paris covering a total area of 20 hectares and generating 36 GWh of electricity annually. The installation will generate enough renewable energy to supply about 17% of Disneyland Paris' current electricity consumption, equal to that of a city of 17,400 people. This will make the facility one of the largest solar parks in Europe. While enabling the generation of sustainable electricity, the solar canopy will also enhance the visitor experience by protecting parked cars from the sun's heat, rain and snow.

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