Axpo battery storage in Poland will aid grid stability

15.12.23 Axpo has been active in the development, construction and commercial optimisation of large-scale battery solutions for several years. Following the expansion of these services to the Swedish market, Axpo is launching a dedicated battery business in Poland. The company plans to support stabilisation of the Polish power grid through storage facilities while also participating in the country’s capacity mechanism and trading on short-term markets.

Axpo is continuing to develop its battery storage systems business internationally. By 2030, the company aims to have developed a substantial amount of storage capacity in Europe. This year Axpo announced that it will build two storage facilities up to 25 MW in Sweden. One of them – in Landskrona in the south of country – will be operational at the beginning of next year. Now Axpo battery solutions are coming to Poland.

Pawel Wierzbicki, Head of Origination and Board Member of Axpo in Poland said: “So far, we have focused mainly on growth through the sale and offtake of green energy, including the use of power purchase agreements. We have also been developing solar power plant which will be our first own generating capacity in Poland. Now we’re taking the next step, developing energy storage projects for the Polish market.”

“These facilities will be integrated into the grid to support Polish transmission and distribution system operators. Right now we’re focusing on the development of projects and conducting intensive acquisition activities in Poland.”

Storage systems boost grid stabilisation and RES development

As in many other European countries, in Poland the biggest current challenge in the development of renewable energy sources (RES) is the lack of available connection capacity. This is hindering the full potential of RES and battery solutions being exploited.

Axpo’s large-scale battery systems are designed to balance fluctuations in electricity supply and demand. The batteries are charged during periods when generation exceeds demand. The stored energy can then be discharged to the grid during periods of low supply but high demand. Batteries also allow additional renewable generation to be integrated into the grid, which in turn supports a move away from coal-fired production.

Axpo’s battery development strategy and European experience

Axpo Group Head of Batteries & Hybrid Systems Frank Amend said: “Launching these business development activities in Poland is part of the Axpo Group's broader growth strategy, which includes an increase in the share of renewables and batteries internationally. Opening a dedicated business line in Poland is an important step for us.”

To date Axpo has introduced its storage system solutions in the Swedish and Swiss markets. In Sweden, the company is currently constructing two projects. A 20 MW lithium-ion battery storage facility in Landskrona in the south of the country will be operational at the beginning of 2024. Work is also underway on one of the largest storage facilities in Sweden, to be built in Filipstad, 300 km west of Stockholm. The plant will have a 25 MW capacity, with construction due to commence in early 2024.

In Switzerland, Axpo has developed and operates several storage facilities while also  providing marketing services for third parties. Similar services are also provided in Finland. Using an IT platform, flexibility options from power storage and decentralised renewable energy facilities are offered on the ancillary service and energy balancing markets, as well as in day-ahead and intraday trading.

About Axpo

Axpo is driven by a single purpose – to enable a sustainable future through innovative energy solutions.  Axpo is Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. Axpo combines the experience and expertise of more than 6,700 employees who are driven by a passion for innovation, collaboration and impactful change.  Using cutting-edge technologies, Axpo innovates to meet the evolving needs of its customers in over 30 countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

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