Axpo launches ambitious training initiative to combat skills shortage

09.11.2023 - The rapid expansion of renewable energy is being hampered by the shortage of skilled workers. Axpo is responding with a range of targeted measures that will make the Group one of the largest training enterprises in Switzerland by 2030. New training opportunities in emerging fields, multi-stage programmes for different proficiency levels and a wider variety of apprenticeship programmes are intended to make Axpo and the energy sector more attractive to young professionals.

Through tailored initiatives, Axpo is aiming to become the most important training enterprise in the Swiss energy sector by 2030. As part of this ambitious goal, apprenticeship positions should make up 15 percent of the company’s workforce in Switzerland.

Axpo’s CEO Christoph Brand said: “We are investing in Switzerland’s most valuable energy resource, namely young talent. We have set ourselves the target of gradually increasing the number of apprentices at the Axpo Group to over 600 by 2030 and expanding the 16 apprenticeships that we already offer.”

Skills shortage exacerbated by the energy transition

The energy transition, unresolved energy security issues and Axpo’s own decarbonisation goals make it all the more urgent to address the structural challenges in the labour market. In the context of the energy transition, increasing the number of apprenticeships in solar energy professions is crucial. With its subsidiary CKW, Axpo already operates the largest private-sector training enterprise in central Switzerland, thanks in particular to the CKW Building Services division. Its growth in the solar business will be a driving force in achieving the ambitious training targets by 2030.

CKW is launching a three-year apprenticeship for solar installers and a two-year programme for solar technicians as early as next year, ensuring a steady stream of qualified professionals. Both programmes will be officially approved in Switzerland from 2024 onwards. The basic training also offers a shorter route to obtaining a federal vocational diploma and thereby contributes directly to alleviating the shortage of skilled workers.

Martin Schwab, member of the Axpo Executive Board and CEO of CKW, said: “Our training initiative is the perfect response to the challenging economic environment and the chronic skills shortage. A wide variety of training and development opportunities are available throughout the Axpo Group. This makes our training programmes more diverse and interesting than those offered by other companies.”

Axpo is also planning to create additional apprenticeships in other areas of the business, including nuclear energy, networks and corporate functions. As part of this, the company launched its Digital Business Developer apprenticeship this year, the first of its kind in Switzerland. Axpo is thereby leading the way in the sector. To ensure that enough skilled workers are coming through the ranks, the training initiative is complemented with traineeships and internships. This strategic development of the next generation means that Axpo always has a large pool of talent available and offers young professionals promising career opportunities. It also facilitates the progression of individuals with different levels of proficiency. 

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