Axpo in Czech Republic is a member of Axpo Group with its headquarters in Switzerland. Axpo has a workforce of about 5,000 employees and is a public company owned
by the cantons of Northeastern Switzerland.

The Group was established in 1914 and is active in the production, distribution and sale of electricity, as well as in international trading and natural gas business. It offers innovative energy services to customers in Switzerland and Europe and the United states, in over 30 locations. Axpo trades commodities, such as power, natural gas, oil, coal and biomass, as well as CO2, green and energy efficiency certificates and is accredited on some 20 energy exchanges and numerous broker platforms throughout Europe.
Axpo owns and co-owns over 100 power plants throughout Europe: Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. The company takes part in the joint venture project of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) to transport natural gas from the Caspian Sea to Western Europe.

Axpo achieved high ranks in the Risk and Energy Risk Commodity Rankings and is among the top three in global power trading and in European research in power.

Besides its business in the Czech Republic, Axpo is active in Slovakia since several years. Main scope of the activities in CEE has been power and gas trading, and delivery to end users as well.

Our customers receive a guarantee of top aftersales quality, with exception of pricewise attractive products.

As a company with Swiss roots and active since 1914, Axpo applies its service oriented attitude in its daily business activities. We pursue a philosophy of jointly agreed, transparent solutions by being your local and responsive sparring partner.

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The Axpo Group with over 30 locations in Europe, the USA and Asia is always close by, familiar with the local culture and market conditions. Axpo speaks the language of its customers. With Volkswind and Urbasolar, we are an important player in the European onshore wind and large-scale solar power business. And we market one of the largest portfolios of renewable energies. Axpo is one of the leading European energy traders along the entire time horizon from intraday trading to multi-year contracts with a wide variety of products worldwide. We are the preferred European provider of tailored customer solutions.

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