Innovation & digitalisation

This is how innovation works at Axpo. We rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and have drones do the work for us.

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Innovation 01.06.2022

Certified protection of power grids against cyber attacks

ISO certificate for process informatics of Axpo Grid AG

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Innovation 10.02.2022

Controlling grid voltages with shunt reactors

New reactive power compensation systems in Winkeln and Fällanden

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Innovation 20.01.2022

‘Spot on’ at the nuclear power plant

Four-legged robot to support daily work

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Innovation 13.01.2022

“Big step to make Romania green”

Axpo lands major industry award

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Innovation 13.12.2021

New software: Optimal routing of power lines

Automated planning of overhead lines and underground cables with new software

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Innovation 14.09.2021

Exploring the eternal city just got more eco-friendly

Axpo Italia launches charging stations for e-cars in Rome

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Innovation 24.06.2021

Demand-side management becomes more important

Intelligent power load management holds potential

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Innovation 06.05.2021

iTAK – an Axpo innovation

Efficient solution for voltage conversions

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Innovation 06.05.2021

iTAK – an Axpo innovation

Efficient solution for voltage conversions

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Innovation 28.09.2020

Replacement clamp from the 3D printer

Innovative asset management at Axpo

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Innovation 15.09.2020

Our future grid

The Grid 4.0 programme

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Innovation 06.08.2020

In search of the super battery

Empa promotes applied research

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Innovation 18.06.2020

World 4.0: Axpo in the digital age

First steps taken in transformation process

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Innovation 27.05.2020

Charging electric vehicles with trolley bus power

Innovative CKW pilot project in Kriens

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Innovation 04.10.2019

"Think inside the box"

Sometimes an unusual setting is enough to generate fresh ideas

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Innovation 26.09.2019

Axpo occupies Europaallee

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Innovation 15.09.2019

Curtailing power peaks

How peak shaving balances the grid and generates income

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Innovation 12.09.2019

Batteries of the future

Their use – research work

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Innovation 13.05.2019

Smart people work for Axpo

With a good portion of creativity and know-how to an innovative solution

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Innovation 13.02.2019

"Green electricity straight from the producer"

This online platform makes it possible to obtain environmentally friendly electricity from the region

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Innovation 15.11.2018

A smart solution

Sustainably designed housing development in Küssnacht am Rigi

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Innovation 06.11.2018

Agile movers

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Innovation 25.10.2018

An important topic

The trends in digitalisation

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Innovation 24.10.2018

Calculating robot

Three examples of the digitalisation process at Axpo

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Innovation 20.09.2018

Aerial inspections with drones

Axpo Grids expands service business

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Innovation 02.07.2018

Choosing your own power mix

Blockchain is revolutionising energy trading

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Innovation 05.06.2018

Grid planning with the push of a button

Axpo presents an innovative tool at the 2018 "Powertagen" fair

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Innovation 10.05.2018

Man or machine, which is better?

Energy trading: How technical analysis can support traders

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Innovation 09.05.2018

Power right from the producer

Elblox - the new online marketplace for locally produced green electricity

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Innovation 23.04.2018

On the keys, ready, go!

Three days of programming in a row - and what comes out of it

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Innovation 18.04.2018

"Painting by numbers" using helicopters and lasers

LIDAR technology enables the efficient surveying of overhead power lines across great distances

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Innovation 03.04.2018

The grid of the future is smart

Intelligent grids and their importance in Switzerland

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Innovation 23.03.2018

Etzel substation ready for operation

Increased security of supply with a climate-friendly world premier

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Innovation 09.01.2018

Digitalisation: Far advanced

Axpo's role in the fourth industrial revolution

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Innovation 21.11.2017

Digitalisation advancing fast

How Axpo is shaping the energy future

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Innovation 14.08.2017

Enormous potential

McKinsey: Opportunities and risks in battery storage systems

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Innovation 27.04.2017

Interviewing from home

Axpo HR uses time-shifted video interviews for recruiting

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Innovation 30.03.2017

Full of efficient energy

These technical innovations benefit everyone

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