Ethics & compliance

Axpo has a responsibility to fulfil the ever-increasing regulatory requirements while also operating in a way that meets the high expectations of all stakeholders.

Axpo is committed to conducting its business with a high level of integrity and in accordance with ethical standards.

Compliance (adherence to laws, integrity and ethics) is non-negotiable and cannot be delegated. All employees and executive bodies of the company therefore have a duty to ensure that their behaviour as a representative of Axpo does not violate any laws, basic ethical principles or internal rules. Our managers lead by example in this respect.

Business principles & SpeakUp

Our business principles are part of our identity and our Code of Conduct.

Our incident reporting channel ‘SpeakUp’ provides a way for employees and people from outside the Axpo Group to report compliance breaches or related concerns (including anonymously).

We are aware that misconduct can sometimes occur in the workplace, especially in large organisations. If you have any concerns or suspicions, or if you are aware of an actual breach, then please let us know. This will enable us to take the necessary steps to ensure adherence to laws, integrity and ethics. 

SpeakUp is operated by an independent service provider and consists of a 24/7 telephone and online service for reporting suspected or actual incidents (including anonymously). 

Messages are processed by designated, qualified compliance officers at our internal SpeakUp office in Switzerland. 

To send a message through SpeakUp, please visit this website and follow the instructions.

The following fundamental rules must be followed by all employees and executive bodies of the Axpo Group in their daily work, as well as by our business partners. By signing the Code of Conduct for business partners, the latter commit in particular to demonstrating business ethics and integrity, respecting human rights, providing socially acceptable working conditions, and adhering to environmental standards.

Ethics & compliance function

The Ethics & Compliance function is the central specialist unit for ensuring compliance throughout the Axpo Group. It advises the executive bodies and employees on all ethics and compliance issues and is a point of contact for reporting suspected breaches of the law, the Code of Conduct or other internal regulations, as well as for any other concerns or information relating to compliance.

Ethics & Compliance reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and manages the ethics and compliance organisation throughout the Axpo Group. It has direct access to the CEO, the members and Chair of the Board of Directors, and the Audit and Finance Committee of Axpo Holding.

The Ethics & Compliance function consists of a team at the Baden office and designated ethics and compliance officers at foreign subsidiaries of the Axpo Group.

Ethics & Compliance ensures that the Axpo Group’s compliance strategy is implemented and the corporate compliance objectives are met. It does so by managing, implementing and continuously refining a preventative, Group-wide compliance management system (compliance programme) aimed at protecting Axpo and nurturing and maintaining a compliance culture and ethical business practices. Key components of this compliance programme include identifying, evaluating and mitigating compliance risks, as well as raising awareness among management and employees through continuous training and education.