A new milestone on the Axpo journey

Today, we have reached a significant milestone on the Axpo journey – a renewed and refreshed brand. With a bigger vision of the future, sharper focus on our core strengths, and a strategic framework that drives our business, we’re ready to power forward.

What is power?

After providing our society with energy for more than 100 years, we’re still asking one fundamental question – what is power? In this new energy future, we combine the ambition of our customers, the strength of our people, and the perspective of our various partners to create real innovation and shape the future. Making their strengths flow together is our strength. That’s the power of Axpo. 

We enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions

Making energy flow together

While the new Axpo brand stands on the foundations of excellence built over the last 100 years, it has evolved to reflect our role in enabling a sustainable future through innovative energy solutions.

When you are full of energy, it flows. It moves, it excites, it empowers. The flow of energy represents the enthusiasm and optimism with which we envision the future. The distinctive element shaping our new logo is the Flow X, representing a single continuous flow. Vibrant colours, gradients and movements highlight a culture that encourages diverse mindsets, fresh perspectives and bold ideas. 

“Axpo’s refreshed identity reflects our exciting journey of evolution and our strategy to ensure the success of our customer, employees and stakeholders in an exciting and diverse energy world.”
– Christoph Brand, Axpo Group CEO