Route-to-Market and Balancing Services

With the renewables market in Greece set to grow rapidly over the coming years, Axpo offers route-to-market services and balancing services to a diverse clientele of mainly independent renewable producers and investors.

As one of the main marketeers of renewable energy across Europe with a customer portfolio of 16,600 MW, we are ideally placed to bring the Group’s expertise and resources to the growing Greek market.

We provide clients with round-the-clock access to the organised energy marketplaces in Greece, including the forward, day-ahead and intraday markets. We use state-of-the-art  weather modelling to forecast production from intermittent energy sources, such as wind and solar, and continuously optimize the clients’ portfolios in the within-day markets in order to minimize imbalance costs. 

As a licensed RES Aggregator in Greece, we offer independent renewable producers the full suite of services required for them to fulfil their market participation obligations and we manage 100% of the balancing risk for their assets.  

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