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Axpo is Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. 6000 employees combine experience and expertise with a passion for innovation. Axpo develops innovative energy solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies for its customers in over 30 countries in Europe, the USA and Asia.


Axpo Greece offers a range of energy solutions allowing our customers to benefit from the new regulatory model introduced into the Greek electricity market in 2020, while managing risk. Our local energy experts, supported by our headquarters functions in Switzerland and international business in over 30 countries in Europe, the USA and Asia, specialise in supply solutions, route-to-market and balancing services, long-term PPAs for renewables investments, as well as domestic and international wholesale trading and risk management.

We help to optimise the entire domestic electricity value chain, as well as being ideally positioned to access international and neighbouring country markets. As Greece accelerates its transition towards lower carbon energy, Axpo Greece is able to share experience gained from the Group’s proven track-record as innovators in renewable energy solutions across Europe with a customer portfolio of 16,600 MW in Europe. We can be your trusted partner, offering agile and flexible solutions in the fast-changing Greek energy market.

Local around the globe

With over 30 offices in Europe, the USA and Asia, Axpo is always on site, is familiar with the local culture, knows the market conditions and speaks the customer's language. We market one of the largest portfolios of renewable energies in Europe. With Volkswind and Urbasolar, we are an important player in the European business with onshore wind and large-scale solar plants.

Axpo is one of the leading European energy traders, across the entire time horizon, from intraday trading to multi-year contracts, and globally with the most diverse products. We are the preferred European provider of tailor-made customer solutions.

The Power of Renewables

Axpo owns more than 5,000 MW of installed renewable energy across Europe and manages a renewable energy portfolio of 99 TWh. Our activities in this field include wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass and hydropower. In Spain, for example, Axpo manages one of the country's largest renewable energy portfolios of around 8,550 MW. Reinforced by the know-how of our subsidiary Volkswind, Axpo is also one of the largest wind farm developers in Germany and France. In photovoltaics, we are also a major international player, harnessing the expertise and skill of our subsidiary Urbasolar.

In Switzerland, Axpo is the largest producer of renewable energy, including the generation of more than half of the country’s renewable electricity from hydropower. 

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