Axpo International S.A. was founded in 2004. As the Axpo Group's EU holding company, it acquires, manages, and in some cases finances the Group's direct and indirect shareholdings throughout Europe. Furthermore, Axpo International S.A. is responsible for the expansion of Axpo's assets in the use of renewable energies and handles higher-level, as well as administrative tasks, on behalf of the Group, and certain operating activities on behalf of other Axpo companies. Situated in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is the ideal location to perform the described tasks, being home to many international corporations and important European institutions. The team of Roland Streit (Managing Director) would be glad to hear from you.


The Axpo Group with over 30 locations in Europe, the USA and Asia is always close by, familiar with the local culture and market conditions. Axpo speaks the language of its customers. With Volkswind and Urbasolar, we are an important player in the European onshore wind and large-scale solar power business. And we market one of the largest portfolios of renewable energies. Axpo is one of the leading European energy traders along the entire time horizon from intraday trading to multi-year contracts with a wide variety of products worldwide. We are the preferred European provider of tailored customer solutions.

Additional topics

Strategy & vision

What are Axpo’s vision and what is our corporate strategy?

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Values & behaviour

What are Axpo's values and what code of conduct do its employees follow?

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For Axpo, sustainability is an important part of daily business. Axpo is an attractive employer and committed to society.

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This is how innovation works at Axpo. We rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and let drones do the work for us.

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You can find a map with all the Axpo power plants and the detailed addresses of locations in Europe and the USA here.

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Axpo Group Organisation

Our organisation chart at a glance: These are the Axpo subsidiaries and divisions.

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